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  1. Bye hyplex.

    Only time i have too tbh
  2. Bye hyplex.

    you lock mine when this is a bigger magnet lol k.
  3. Cya

  4. Cya

    Yo you may know me as 3than or the minge I'm going from hyplex due to a permaban I know I shouldn't have acted like a dick but like most the time people just wanted me warned because they thought I was a Dick like yeah. Shout out to like @Quicksilverand @Brutalprobs they only 2 friends I have in the world seems a bit sad I will appeal again but I'm sure it will get denied I'm am very sad in permabanned and regret my mistakes Thanks 3than out
  5. Sick Gunstore Base Dupe ~ Skengman

    90 props
  6. My Bruddah Quicksilver

    obs the exposers stay 100 even with the owner permabanned @Quicksilver
  7. 27_Genders - Damn

    Agreeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd he is amazing although there isn't 27 genders he's good at 1 gender
  8. Missing map

  9. Ethans Ban appeal Mk.3

  10. Ethans Ban appeal Mk.3

    I know many people hate me Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): Dark RP Uk Your IG name / Steam name: Ethan Your STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:0:140202495 Who banned you and why ( A screenshot of the ' Ban ' screen when you try to connect to the server ) Why should you be unbanned? Hyplex was my place to come to I have a very bad time at school and get bullied a lot I know I can be very toxic as a natural reaction and I can run my mouth off very easily I've met some amazing people on hyplex to name one Quicksilver. I know I can be a minge and break many rules like RDM, NLR just to name a few. I know using my hardships at school is a bad excuse so I will honestly say why in a minge I break rules minge and be rude just to get back what I get given I know its an awful way but its how my brain reacts and especially now I'm at the age of puberty I get lots of mood swings quicksilver would know this because I take it out on him a lot (im sorry) not many people rp with me and when im on a good day I can be an amazing Role player. To sort all of this out instead of being myself I would like to come back as a new player. My Deal: I want to come back as a new player. I am requesting an account reset and if I get more than 5 warns you can perm me again ( just an idea) Thanks For Reading 100% sure it will get denied Worth a try though brutal is my mom and Quicksilver is my dad. Naga is my side ting
  11. @RhyssI was denied because i was a minge and annoying to everyone not the application

  12. About the upcoming update...

    yeah like crew conflict rp
  13. Sick Gunstore Base Dupe ~ Skengman

    its in the description made by me and @Quicksilver
  14. Day Light

    hai im good name:Jeff Age: 2 1/2 skills: being a wasteman playtime : half a min Plos exceptr me i lov u
  15. Day Light

    IGN:ΞTHΛN✔ Age:14 What are your skills:Raiding , Building , Defending How active will you be?: Most of the time GMT Current Playtime (!playtime) :118hrs