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  1. Trial moderator application

    Bad logic but it's hard to disagree with it. -1
  2. Rugglez Incredibly Late Introduction

    welcome to the server mr.
  3. Poll about my name!

    It is sort of weird.
  4. UberZ leaving post.

    Sounds to me like to really got fucked over. Care to tell me who in pms?
  5. Rhyss' leaving post

    Bye, don't come back 😉 Keep downvoting my comment, won't affect me. I'm not one of those fake people who pretend to like someone and talk about them behind their backs.
  6. Cashtag

  7. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    Rep whoring to the max
  8. TTT Server?

    Yeah it's a fun gamemode, we just need the players to go with it.
  9. Poll: Would you like to see a new rank?

    Atleast let people have the option to have conversation.
  10. Poll: Would you like to see a new rank?

    I decided to pick the option of Trusted because of the fact that the addition of the rank could reduce the amount of times where there have been no staff are on and there are people completely stopping the flow of the game by massrdming, prop blocking and so on, and I think if we have a group of trusted players who can distribute bans to players committing very bad offenses when they happen then more people can have a better quality of roleplay and gameplay in general. We need to only have some commands given with heavy restrictions however, like the following; Ban limit of 6 hours. Kick powers.
  11. Vapes

    Hipsters win again.
  12. Reset Opinions!? VOTE NOW

    Vote in the poll I made guys.
  13. Getting to know players

    I'm your mother I have a cat
  14. Banned for being Racist

    Whitnesses cannot be used as they can easily be bias and just lie about what happened.