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  1. Byee

    Nice to see your true colours.
  2. Byee

    You only resigned because you got reported, don't act like you are some angel because you have been here for a long time, news flash, you misuse commands and you get reported.
  3. Cya

    Just want to add that spamming the dumb reputation on all my posts just proves how immature you are.
  4. Bye hyplex.

    Difference is that this is the only time he's made a leaving post.
  5. Bye hyplex.

    Admitting doesn't count for much when he's already been caught and banned for the offense. And anyway admitting doesn't in any way redeem a person.
  6. Cya

    Locking. This will cause unessecary arguments, he's made his leaving post, nothing else really needs to be discussed.
  7. Bye hyplex.

    He didn't do any good haha, he hacked on a video game and then went on to make racist and homophobic comments, obviously shows how good someone is. Good people don't hack in the first place.
  8. Cya

    You typed more than you quoted.
  9. Application

    You are supposed to put your application in the sub zero thread not create a new thread for your application. Locked.
  10. Cya

    You just want attention.
  11. Cya

    What's the point of this?
  12. Bye hyplex.

    I highly doubt that you will ever change your habits, atleast keep them off the server you love in the future however.
  13. Bye hyplex.

    Stinky hacker.
  14. LittleT's Forum admin application

    Don't think you know what maturity means but thanks for the feedback anyways.
  15. What's going on