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  1. What peripherals' you all got?

    i got corsair k70 rgb i dont know what mouse blue snowball razer cracken headphones led lights
  2. Jawn [DarkRP] Ban Appeal

    by the way thats not false ban if he banned multiple people
  3. Can i get a refund?

    come on man
  4. Leo's Staff Application

    Come on man, you don't even know the name of the server... It is hyped not hypixel bro there are requirement to whih you do not follow. -support
  5. Day Light

    denied jk lol love u guys accepted all the way hmu on discord
  6. LuckyModzz

    @LuckyModzz ltap means when they leave the server. Running away from a sit is different.
  7. Day Light

    @Mr Bear =-Accepted-= Contact an org admin or me for an invite. My discord is GCBling#0626
  8. Day Light

    @nick/niah1 @Sir Redz @JFT -Denied- We do not know you are or have seen you in game You may reapply in two weeks
  9. Jordanmdws Hyplex.co Staff Application

    yea but us and uk servers are different cuz the backups. he plays uk server i think so check there
  10. Jordanmdws Hyplex.co Staff Application

    -support breaks lots of rules - you sure about not warns? i remember warning you.
  11. Ban Appeal

    racism is allowed as long as your are not directing it to someone else or putting others in distress.
  12. Thank you everyone <3

  13. Staff Promotions. 23/11/2017

    nice job guys
  14. Devilman816's Staff App

    this is your playtime on the server not overall -support app is hard to read asked me today about something on the rules which means clearly he has not read them all.
  15. Warn appeal

    @TurtleElliot @Killz cant remove it unless he is online