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  1. what is this

    i know tooo. we were messing with it yesterday
  2. Hyplex 1.5.3

    love it, nice job drizzy oh execpt the thing that i have to play a shit load to level up
  3. Bitcoin Mines?

    Hello, I was thinking about a cool idea that I came up with a long time ago with bitminers. I was thinking that bitminers are placed in a building around the server. These mines will include bitcoin racks, s1 and s2. Those will be world props for a while but still usable. This will make it so you have to go to the mines and buy the generator and lead. But not the bitminer. Then, once u start using it, maybe a org could take over the mine and have people protecting while people mining. The thing is, you cannot place props in the mine. Every week or so the mine moves around the map. with very little defense, this could be really fun. Maybe in the future, as @drizzy.vip has a lot of shit to deal with right now. What do you guys think?
  4. event

    wish i couldve been there
  5. AdvDupe2 Broken ;(

    i had the same issue a while back. get all ur dupes and move them onto a folder. (save them) then reinstall gmod. try to take out the dupe u made and once ur done with reinstalling gmod put those dupes back in without the one u made lastnight. i hope this works, it did for me 😃
  6. Jason's Staff Application

  7. Jason's Staff Application

    +support good guy nice mature has previous expierence
  8. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    frick off 😂😂😂
  9. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    neutral has minged good app has some spelling errors in app
  10. Compliment to Fira

    lets go fira
  11. I hate when people use the n word in bad ways, but I think this should be changed because of how many young men there are on this server
  12. Printers / Models

    hmm, drizzy has to much on his mind right now, maybe in the future!