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  1. Getting to know players

    I’m a sick cunt, UberZ is gay.
  2. Italian Mafia ~ Applications

    Seems oddly familiar to an existing Italian mafia based gang hmmm.
  3. The Ultimate scamming guide 2.0

    Very nice guide, tested and works everytime! I suggest saying that you will give them credits instead of weapons, that way you can get far more cash from these idiots Lol don't actually do that, you'll get banned
  4. Old report system

    Yes please, the current one always bugs out for me and this one was nice.
  5. Economy reset?

    Locking this to prevent it from dragging on, the decision has already been made. Money will be wiped but credits and inventories shall stay.
  6. Nice to see OG’s returning I never played back in Aero but I have been here since the beginning of Hyplex so nice to meet you!
  7. 3 Years :/

    Jesus that’s a lot of time to put into gmod server
  8. Jackk

    Yea good job Jackk.
  9. Economy reset?

    Everyone’s cash should be wiped down to 1 mil. The economy is fucked right now and needs to be restarted.
  10. JustDaniels Trial-Mod Application

    Mate... You've been demoted and re-applied already with no success. You haven't even tried to improve. Also you have 5 warns, over the usual requirements ;/ It's a -Support from me.
  11. [FREE] Tunnel Base in Residential

    Nice and sleek, gonna get this once I get my pc back
  12. Lil Life's Forum Admin Application

    We’ve clashed in the past but I don’t have any problems with you and your active on forums. +Support, good luck