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  1. KeoJr Falsely warning me

    @KeoJr that was handled so fucking badly... Honestly I think you need a serious talking to and possibly a demotion.
  2. Turrets

    It's far too op and just more shit for staff to deal with. I agree it's a cool idea but it just wouldn't positively impact the server in my opinion.
  3. AdvDupe2 Broken ;(

    Even without any dupes it doesn't work BUT, with the new update I seem to be able to open dupes, I just have to wait till I'm lvl 3 to see if it works.
  4. event

    Lmao looks fun, can admins host events on their own now?
  5. Rules against one way props?

    As far as I know judging from what drizzy has said, one way props are allowed but not to an unfair advantage (one way prop shooting), though as it's not in advdupe2 anymore this could change. Honestly the rules need to be far more detailed, so many 'grey areas' in the rules rn.
  6. When you guess your moms pin...

    RIP, now you can buy 500k at a time ahahahha
  7. Hyplex 1.5.3

    Great update @drizzy.vip, glad to see your not dead But btw the chess money exploit still hasn't been fixed...
  8. Spartacus Unwarn Appeal

    I've already responded in the previous appeal and my verdict is staying, what do you think @Kuikentje NL?
  9. AdvDupe2 Broken ;(

    Since last night when I finished this huge base (in single player), duped it and went onto Hyplex, I haven't been able to open any dupes whatsoever. I have tried the typical restarting, deleting and reinstalled all addons as well as deleting all dupes yet it still won't work. In console it says this when I try to open any dupes: Duplicator is Busy! [AdvDupe2] Duplicator is Busy! Also, if I go onto any other server it works fine ;( Any help or fixes would be greatly appreciated <3 @drizzy.vip
  10. 4 People breaking rules.

    It's still breaking NLR, who told you this? Your being just as bad as the rulebreaker when you come back to kill them after they've done the same.
  11. Turrets

    I have to say this would be far too op lmao, rust is different because you can deal with turrets from far away (rockets), and can raid bases from any side, wheras gmod you can funnel players into kill boxes and shit. -Support from me, cool idea but far too op. I'm not dealing with kids putting turrets outside of spawn and saying it was an accident etc.
  12. Perma banned without reasoning

    Please use the unban request format. You have 24 hours to comply or this will be denied.
  13. Jason's Staff Application

    I never gave you my reference, I said you should apply. But, I would have given it if you had asked (so keep it ) For me it's a +Support, although he has little hours he was a great staff member back in 3.0 and honestly we need better staff. By the time the application verdict is given he would have gained far more hours anyways in my opinion. He knows the rules and is fairly active from what i've seen since he got back. Good luck @Jason Rodrick!
  14. ok listen up fuckers

    It's a joke, calm down lmao.
  15. Compliment to Fira

    Good job @Fira