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  1. Elite_Pancakes Staff Application

    You must use the format to apply for staff and meet all the requirements, you have 24 hours to edit this app before it gets locked and denied @Elite_Pancakes.
  2. SWRP

    I agree! Great job guys.
  3. 3 False warns

    /locked, the issue has been dealt with.
  4. Steven's Fleet Application

    Without valid proof that he did the whole drugs thing, you cannot -Support him from that if you did not experience it yourself lmao.
  5. Defcons and battlestations

    I like the idea of defcons but not your ones. Defcon 1 - Guns away, natural state Defcon 2 - Guns out, on alert Defcon 3 - Search and clear the ship Defcon 4 - Battlestations Defcon 5 - All defend engine room and third floor Defcon 6 - All to MHB to evacuate the ship Though we shouldn't name it defcons, something unique that people would remember hyplex for. Maybe if we integrated these into the HUD somehow in flashing red letters as the defcon level escalates.
  6. Field marshal??

    The clone 'marshal' is basically RC Boss, but this idea could work. Though I would get mad if some fleet did tryouts for my reg without asking. Honestly it's not needed as commanders can just ask other trusted high ranking officers from other regiments to do this.
  7. Warn Appeal

    Dylan wite was demoted if i'm not wrong, is this correct? @Dylan
  8. Kuikentjes Fleet

    Sorry <3
  9. New Building Concept

    It's angle abuse lmao.
  10. Kuikentjes Fleet

    I feel disrespected that you didn't ask for my ref, huge +Support for @Kuikentje NL Use my ref ofc.
  11. Jason and Chaos

    I appreciate this, shows how mature you have been towards regarding your demotion and the conflict between us. I forgive you and apologize for being a dick myself, I honestly judged you a little bit wrongly due to your age and I am sorry for that @Sanity.
  12. +Support, great CT CO, very good with RP, very active. Add me as ref
  13. Suggestions For SWRP

    I don't expect most of the ARC suggestions to be accepted, just maybe one or two. If we added all of them it'd be OP lmao But the guns definitely need a buff minimum.
  14. Suggestions For SWRP

    We are struggling to find players who want to tryout, with regiments who have access to drones, grenades and shit.
  15. Suggestions For SWRP

    Here's some of my general ideas for SWRP changes: - Staff - 1. Allow event planners to change maps, this will make planetary events far more frequent and better. 2. Allow event planners to spawn props, vehicles and weapons from q menu and with toolgun. 3. More event models (deathwatch etc.) - Gameplay - 3. Fix/change HP bar so that we can tell what HP we are at when above 100HP. 4. Commanders use lore names, would add to RP. 5. Change the staff playermodel, I know this is happening but wanted to put it here to spark ideas for it. 6. Give 501st miniguns, they are currently a really dry regiment who need something special to grow. 7. Add more jedi's (yoda etc.) as well as adding Jedi padawan's and knights which would allow Jedi's to progress. 8. Fix the elf models for the commanders, though its funny it is hard to distinguish which commander is which and it kills RP. 9. Remove CT ranks, have only CT CPT and CT. 10. Add a salute swep? With regiments such as 74th, CTE, 187th and 212th getting major buffs including grenades, shields, drones etc. ARC is getting quite boring as an elite regiment which has led to the leave of our VCO (Kuik). Currently we are equipped with a few guns and rocketboots. - ARC Ideas - 1. Health buff, from 300 to 500-800? RC would also need a buff of course. 2. Buff some of the weapons, currently sniper is 4 hits to kill, shotgun 3-4 and the explosive gauss rifle is also 4 hits to kill which makes them near useless. 3. Add grenades to ARC (stun/pulse grenades). 4. Spartan laser for CPT+? A gun similar to this is in lore and though its powerful it takes a lot of time to charge. 5. Local hex/bubble shield for ARC, would allow us to flank without dying so fast. I know and understand that some of these suggestions are a long shot, feel free to share opinions below!