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  1. should i come back

    in logs you right click on their name and "coppy attacker steamid" and "copy steamid"(person that was attacked) and i accidentally copied the wrong one XD
  2. should i come back

    XDDDD given the current replys, i will come back but im coming strictly for SWRP. im not feelin DRP anymore
  3. should i come back

    sorry but every time i see you i remember that time i accidentally banned you instead of the person who rdmed you XD
  4. should i come back

    yea i get you.
  5. should i come back

    what do you think? EDIT: this is here because im not 100% sure if i want to go through all the rough early stages of the application process unless it actually wanted. i don't see the point in returning if nobody really cares about my existence in the staff team. and yes i know, i need to play the server more before i can join the staff. I guarantee someone was gonna say that
  6. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    I like the chill players and the chill staff (even though very few of them are chill) XDDD
  7. I'm starting fresh.

    uberz is legit the best member of hyplex so having him go would be a big mistake on drizzys part. you have been here so long that you a basically the face of the management team (or were)
  8. where am i man? XD jk im not even staff anymore but i can agree with most of these tbh
  9. UberZ leaving post.

    tbh I kinda know how it feels to be underappreciated and its not nice but its good to see you got through it.
  10. The end of a good run

    its sad to see you go man. we had out ups and downs, but in the end I looked up to you in the hyplex community and I think you have done a great job here in your time. good luck in your future endeavours.
  11. UberZ leaving post.

    @UberZ #SnitchesGetStitches sad to see you leave dude, you were by far the best member of hyplex but I get why you are leaving. hmu some time, it would be cool to catch up.
  12. 27_gendera fleet application

    this is a fleet application, not a staff application but your +'s still apply here so thanks
  13. hope you come back at a later date! sad to see you go.
  14. 27_gendera fleet application

    thanks for the feedback @Kuikentje NL also, let me help you with that: at least an hour a day there are 1 or 2 ARC PVTs on and i come on. especially when events happen with this happening, i am the one who takes command of ARC. and yes sometimes commanders are on but a lot of the time Dillon is part of the event soooo... because being senior staff on a server shows discipline and it shows i don't abuse high ranking powers. it also shows i don't go crazy with authority when i have it. he didn't mention that i got banned, you felt the need to mention it when everyone else has forgiven.
  15. Im Idiotic

    thanks for the apology. you did cause me quite some trouble back in the day but its been a long time and i trust that you wont cause any trouble on the forums.