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  1. Baleful's staff app

    You have 24 hours to meet the following requirements: wordcounts minimum of 2 references from mods+ if these requirements are not met within the given time, your application will be denied.
  2. Staff demote

    we don't need to discuss this anymore. judging by Rhyss' reply, this is a valid report. he will most likely receive a strike. end of.
  3. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam Name: 27_genders -In-game hours: about 345 -In-game rank: senior admin -RP name: 27_genders -Why do you want to join the org: I have always dreamed of being in an org with staff/ ex-staff because never again will I be called a traitor for warning a fellow org member who broke the rules -What can you bring to our org: building (I'm really good a lot of the time) I'm not as good at shooting but I have many raiding supplies to donate in raids and I'm good at making drugs -Additional information? i like cheese a lot
  4. Sorry....bye

    i have absolutely no idea who you are but don't exploit. it is very clear that it isn't allowed yet you did it.
  5. Negatives: -you have 2 warnings for RDM, meaning it doesn't seem you learn from your mistakes very well -you repeat yourself a fair few times Positives: +we could always use some more US staff +i have seen you in the community a lot recently and although your forum rep is bad, it was spammed by some minges anyways. overall: Neutral
  6. Digz - Disgusting behaviour

    i also would like to ask if this topic could be locked because it will cause nothing but trouble. @Dylan @Rhyss
  7. Digz - Disgusting behaviour

    so basically, @BigDW is mad because digz called him autistic, and @Champagne is mad because bigDW told him to die of cancer. you are both as bas as each other in this situation but if you want to formally complain, post it here: https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/forum/46-ban-requests/ and use the following template:
  8. About the upcoming update...

    why would donation points be refunded? the server isn't closing down
  9. Unban Request Richer

    its not like you have been perm banned, its only a week. also, it is your responsibility to act in a decent way on the server and if you feel that you won't be able to, then dont play. now it has happened once, how do we know it wont happen again? @Dylan @Rhyss
  10. Warn rule

    well there is no fearRP so i would assume that it would be ok to kill them, but warning them doesn't definitively that you are going to kill them. i for 1 have warned people without even having a weapon on me just to see if it will get them to go away.
  11. What is the addons

    drizzy made this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171188058
  12. Valentino

    DENIED your application is just a quote from a previous application and you still don't meet the requirements
  13. Valentino

    you have already been accepted...
  14. A possibly useful suggestion

    agreed. last time i think it was like 11 days and you could barely move. this is good idea ^ but it should be done at like, midnight GMT for UK restart and whatever midnight is for america for US restart.
  15. today this happend and yesterday it was smooth

    that law its probably server lag, the uptime for the server is like a week. if the server gets restarted, should be fixed.