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  1. what is this

    So it's not Narnia?
  2. what is this

    Does it lead to Narnia?
  3. Rules against one way props?

    You should probably tell drizzy about it then.
  4. Rules against one way props?

    Drizzy removed it from adv dupe.
  5. Rules against one way props?

    Well, world glow is gone now, so...
  6. Hyplex 1.5.3

    Not a fan of the map but everything else seems gucci
  7. Hyplex 1.5.3

    i gotta check this shit out
  8. When you guess your moms pin...

    so that's £37? what the actual fuck.
  9. Jason's Staff Application

  10. EMgaming's Staff App

    never heard of yah
  11. Staff APP DevlOghHB

  13. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    Don't gotta quote the entire app, just use his @.
  14. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    After a while I believe you have calmed down with the innocent until proven guilty stuff, and you are ok. +Good application. +Clearly a lot of effort in it I can't really let a personal issue get in the way. so +support. But you do have over 4 warns though right?
  15. Good Bye Bugzy R.I.P

    He was A forum whore basically.