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  1. Transit system

    Hmm, I saw something like this in another server a while back, It's like a bus stop but you pay a bit of money to be teleport-ed to any section of the map.
  2. Kain's App

    And you guys are really going to discredit an entire application over a silly gif? It's not immature and I'm pretty sure every one has joked and used the word gay as an insult or anything else.
  3. Kain's App

    @Dhelep He can use any tone he want's, It just effects his chances of get staff.
  4. What Do You Think About My Signature?

    Clip art?
  5. Dhelep is bae

    Weebs aren't cool
  6. Ethans Ban appeal

    I don't think have 30 warns should be a perm ban, but on the other hand you are a giant minge.
  7. wORK experince

    No he's a
  8. Sanity please respond.

    You where trained and informed about powergaming as every is; you've clearly abused it and will face the consequences. Trying to belittle how much of a difference it made will not help your case.
  9. Sanity please respond.

    Well it most definitely is worth a staff complaint because he caught you power gaming.
  10. wORK experince

    I bet he's old enough to get wasted
  11. Please close my app

    So you want your app deleted so you can clean your slate of -supports?
  12. Pyro's Complaint To- Sanity

    Make an actual complaint using the correct format.
  13. Pyro's Complaint To- Sanity

    If there is video evidence of him threatening to ddos send it to me or any one in management asap.
  14. p0key abuse?

    Evidence isn't really conclusive we don't know if that is p0key for sure because it's a screenshot. could be any admin with the ability to edit others props.
  15. wurk RDM/betrayal

    Denied There is no betrayal rule