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  1. About the upcoming update...

    If it comes out this week hopefully the staff will too.
  2. Gummie staff Form

    -Support There are some good things but there are also a lot of bad things with this application. +Support Reasons 1. Hits all word counts and does more. 2. Answers most questions correct. 3. Decent playtime. 4. I do see you on daily. 5. Tries to fix mistakes. 6. No warns. 7. Good references. -Support Reasons 1. Bad grammar. 2. Lots of mistakes. 3. Lots of rambling on. 4. Looks sloppy. 5. Rushed and not double checked. 6. Not very active on the forums 7. Makes quite a few mistakes. 8. A little biased wouldn't you say. 9. Needs to spend more time on community activities such as the forums and or discord.
  3. Rules Update Suggestion

    There may be some mistakes but I have triple checked this so hopefully there are none.
  4. Rules Update Suggestion

    Hello. I am a staff member on this DarkRP server and I think that there has to be more rules. I know that this server is supposed to have less rules but a lot of rules are needed to mantain a happy community. Please comment down below what you would like fixed and or added or removed. For the colors>>>> Light Blue = In the motd | White = In the motd | Purple = My changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hyplex Reduct Rules General Rules The following are against the rules: Trying to escape a admin situations Abusive behaviour in admin situations Behaviour which the general majority of people involved find disruptive This covers things like micspam, trolling, using a voice changer, etc. Behaviour which the majority of the players on the server find disruptive This includes advertising other servers, chat spam, exploiting, etc. Actions which are clearly unreasonable or unrealistic with intent to be malicious Racism, sexism, homophobia etc Unreadable names are disallowed, any name has to be clearly readable in the english language & accessible from the English keyboard No racist/foul/inappropriate names Roleplay Rules The following are against the rules: Doing anything that isn’t reasonably justifiable in RP This rule covers things like RDM, RDA, etc. You can not use tragedies or rare cases as reasonable justification You can not create a story to justify your actions This includes things like; mugging, kidnapping etc. Enforcing laws as a member of SWAT This includes living/basing in PD as a SWAT Using information gained from a third party during roleplay (meta gaming) Using jobs for their non-intended purpose, this includes; Switching jobs to just buy weapons Doing things that aren’t reasonably justifiable in RP (like mass murder, corrupt cops) Going to the place you were killed before the event leading up to your death is over Scamming outside of criminal jobs Countering anything you’re not directly involved with Malicious racism or otherwise abusive communication with intent to be malicious Creating and enforcing unreasonable or unrealistic laws. Some laws that are allowed: Weapons are (i)legal Drugs are (i)legal Printers are (i)legal Commencing RP situations while in a spawn area (police actions/hits) You may not use cameras to explore other players bases or see areas you wouldn’t normally be able to. You must be able to: Reasonably justify your RP actions This covers things like prop surf, RDM, RDA, no-clipping during RP, etc. Tragedies (mass murder) and rare events are not reasonable To place/accept a hit you need a valid reason to place/accept a hit for a hitman and/or the customer. Relevant Jobs: You may not base or rp with another job for a unjustifiable rp reason. (EX. A mayor would not typically base with a criminal) Building Rules The following are against the rules: Having a building sign with items of value inside the base This does apply to street bases. Not having a clearly accessible keypad from either side of a fading door Prop block Blocking items of value with props Restricting map access in a meaningful way with props Prop climb Building props for the purpose to bypass a (fading) door, or otherwise into an area you can’t otherwise access You may however use props on entrance bridges to bases since they aren’t part of the base’s structure itself Using no-collide during RP to grant access Use a building sign if they are currently building or the player is still setting up their base. Building your base with Crouch spaces Death mazes Trap-floors (fading door floors) Fading doors designed to be confusing or misleading Multi-layered fading doors Fading doors immediately next to a map-door “Pixel doors”; only having a small surface-area of the fading door exposed to lockpick “Blackout Bases”; fully / predominantly black bases which make it difficult to navigate the base Invisible Props / Portions of the base not visible Non-picklockable Bases You may have no more than 4 fading doors between your entrance and any items of value You may have a safe, or locker as an additional 5th fading door per-item of value. This must only be large enough to contain the items it’s storing. Designing holes which someone raiding your base can not clearly shoot back at you Eg, taking advantage of source view angles to have a gap they can’t see you through Building in PD as a non-government job You must be able to: Fit 3 players between each of your fading doors This doesn’t include safes or lockers This can be measured in width or length. You can only KOS people at your base for: 1. After warning them 3 times for a valid rp reason in the chat. (Things that only make sense such as Mic Spamming, shooting constantly, blocking a door.) Any reason that is not justifiable such as breathing, walking by, etc. will be punishable. 2. The player shot you or your entities. 3. The player has attempted to break into your base (EX. Lockpicking or keypad cracking) You can only use a building sign if you/your base members are currently building or the player is still setting up their base. Textscreens do not give you the right to make new rules. They are only used as clarification for the normal rules. (EX. KOS lines are not allowed) Raiding Rules You may not: Intentionally taking longer than necessary to raid bases Raiding outside of criminal jobs Excluding organised police raids Spam buttons or keybinds for certain fading doors to prevent lock picking ,keypad cracking, blow torches , or doorcharges during a raid. Use fading doors with keybinds during a raid to prevent the raider from a raiding action. Raid a street or building base if the base has a building sign. You may not use buttons to constantly enable and disable fades to prevent picklocking, blow torches, keypad cracking, or doorcharges during a raid.
  5. Guide For Beginners

    Looks pretty good and new players that ask for help can use this guide. I might use this in my sits.
  6. How to get rid of ERRORS for free

    Not a lot people bother looking this stuff up so now instead of explaining it I can just give them this link!
  7. About the upcoming update...

    Ok that seems good, cant wait!
  8. About the upcoming update... Can we store weapons and tools and such in the bank and have it transfered? Same as inv?
  9. Hyplex Forum Staff List

    Seeing my name on there makes me shed a tear.
  10. Hyplex Forum Staff List

  11. How to use D3A

    Perfect for admins. All new moderators should be linked here.