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  1. Loading screen unique messages

    got another one "I'll be right there"
  2. Free dupes will be more just need to make

    yeah man i thought they were stolen good you specified that
  3. Help other people find good music

    You paste the link and it automatically does it after a few seconds
  4. Help other people find good music

    Personally i dont like it but i respect women like i respect opinions
  5. Help other people find good music

  6. Help other people find good music

    Its so hard to find good music with there being so much of it, and most of the time when you try to search for music then you find some popular edm garbage youve heard a million times in a minecraft intro. If you know good music (and i personally like something like the current loading screen) then post it here. Ill start with these:
  7. UberZ's Signatures

    some people cant use photoshop because they dont know how to pirate or have money to buy or they dont know how to use it
  8. Sage

    ik just said could have worded better
  9. Sage

    i should have worded it better all i can say is im "ok" at raiding and good at building bases in my opinion. of course you can decide on both if you come across me ingame doing a raid or building a base etc
  10. Rules rewrite

    Tedious yes, but i said it WOULDNT be necessary. just a thing to be safe if you want to do it.
  11. Staff app

    -support Grammar "god I hate when people judge god" (what??????) Never seen in game. Overall bad application.
  12. Simple Item Shop

    +support no wiremod to do this so another option is good.
  13. Rules rewrite

    Not necessarily a rule but still would be good for staff: What about not having it necessary or having a warning for adverting a raid, mug etc and instead have it so people who want to can advert raid to help the admin decide if some rulebreaking happens. Again, would be more convenient since video evidence of you doing a raid is tidious to upload with a slow internet. Or have a special command like /raid to end / start a raid and have it in some logs, so chat isnt full of "RAID IM COMING TO GET YOU XD" and have it only for staff in logs so everyone doesnt instantly check their camera to see if theyre being raided.
  14. Loading screen unique messages

    idk i was just bored so i started listing them
  15. Sage

    has someone even seen my join application?