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  1. Loading screen unique messages

    "This is some limited edition shit son"
  2. Loading screen unique messages

    got another one "I'll be right there"
  3. Sage

    ik just said could have worded better
  4. Sage

    i should have worded it better all i can say is im "ok" at raiding and good at building bases in my opinion. of course you can decide on both if you come across me ingame doing a raid or building a base etc
  5. Loading screen unique messages

    idk i was just bored so i started listing them
  6. Sage

    has someone even seen my join application?
  7. Loading screen unique messages

    Gathered from my times that ive joined the server. If youve seen any other ones leave them as a comment. How many unique messages are there? Get owner for only $69.99 Shake those hips! That was easy EliteStudio was here We got the dankest thingies Our forums are dank too You're fine Hosted by Team Crident Always dab back Not loading Can you hear me inside your head? Pouring the milk first Drowning Fish DocBerry, not Doctor Berry This jazz is smooth Where is that voice coming from?
  8. Sage

    ok i fucked up my date of birth is actually 11.1.2005(January) and no im not a fucken 12 year old that goes around "RDM11!!! IM REPORTNG TO ADMINS"
  9. Sage

    Time on Server ( !playtime YOURNAME ): 68h+ Time on Garry's Mod: Over 2k on my main Date Of Birth: 11.1.2017 (January) Time Zone:UTC+2 Why Do you want to join Sage: Because i like the gang and have seen the players in it, so might aswell join. What makes you better than other players: Uhh, maybe that i can build good bases that look good and are good, dunno tho. What is your talent? ( Bases, Raiding, etc. ) : Bases and a bit of raiding. How did you find out about our organization and what makes you want to join it? Other players on the server that im "friends" with (if i have any fucken friends on the server lmao)
  10. Super compact base.

    Offering 50k. Easiest money of your time on the server