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  1. Im Alive.

    Sad to see you go recoiled, good luck at the navy.
  2. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam Name - willamduffy / Hyplex.co -In-game hours - 170 -In-game rank - Mentor -RP name - willamduffy / Hyplex.co -Why do you want to join the org - I've been looking for an active org that has ex staff and current staff who I am/was friendly with. Seems like it would be a really good experience. -What can you bring to our org - I have good accuracy although can't build great bases, I know how to make all drugs and can assist greatly in raids. -Additional information?
  3. Staff Application

    DENIED You do not meet requirements, you may reapply in 2 weeks time.
  4. Staff Application

    at most, also you said 29 days, 2 weeks is 14 days.
  5. Staff Application

    THey usually get accepted/denied in less than 24 hours, so 29 days for it to be accepted/denied is unrealistic.
  6. Banned for a reason not banable

    1) I've moved it to the right section now, 2) It is in the right format. /locked due to ban being over
  7. STAFF Complaint Directed To Rugglez

    There's a pm in the chat with says "hey TJ" so I presume it's TJ but might not be, @TJ123
  8. Warn appeal

    /moved (topic creator requested topic be closed)
  9. Staff Application

    /locked and moved. You may reapply in 2 weeks if you use the template.
  10. Staff Application

    Denied You have not met the requirements: Too many warns Does not meet many word counts Has used the wrong format for DarkRP and has posted it in the wrong place. If you can work on these requirements then you may reapply in two weeks.
  11. I wona be a staff

    /locked until edited
  12. 27_Genders - Damn

    Couldn't agree more. 🙂
  13. Atomic's Staff Application

    As I asked before, why. Seems like a stupid idea.
  14. Atomic's Staff Application

    Can you answer this please.
  15. Atomic's Staff Application

    Can you prove that? Why would you just leave it and goto us.