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  1. Share your steam library

  2. Share your steam library

    Hmu on town of Salem
  3. Forums.

    Uneeded/Not happening, moved to resolved.
  4. UberZ leaving post.

    1 sec let me just hit you with a warn here
  5. UberZ leaving post.

    Promoted UberZ to forum Sr. Admin, even with what's happened (according to drizzy's post him saying he's resigning etc.) I stand by this decision and I'm going to be leaving him as this rank for until it is 100% required that he loses it or he requests it gets removed. Good luck
  6. UberZ leaving post.

    lmao feelsbad
  7. Forum Staff Improvment

    Presumably you want this in forum suggestions? Since I clearly didn't explain it well at all, i'll explain it here: Currently I'm testing out the new "forum senior admin" role, seeing if it helps in any way. I made a community vote for it including the vote of none, and since it got voted I added it. If it turns out badly and forum admins are unable to do what they should be able to do then I'll remove it, otherwise it'll remain. Feel free to continue to give your opinions on this, the more community feedback I get on this situation the better. /moved to forum suggestions (also pretty sure freezy meant that just forum admin would be enough for everyone commenting "forum mod and forum senior mod don't exist"
  8. UberZ leaving post.

    Honestly this one really hits me, we'll all miss you, good luck, and don't leave forum staff
  9. The end of a good run

    Well, good luck. Also do I hear demotingcrpytiontonight?
  10. Eye opener

    doc for global management?
  11. William Dufster Compliment

    <3 badtopicnameit'sbeinghidden
  12. Darktincan's forum admin app

    Denied Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks
  13. ooof's resignation

    nothings confirmed.