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  1. should i come back

    Come back plox
  2. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

    Might have been a slightly different map but I have played something very similar.
  3. Staff responses

    Am I the only one finding the "Never seen IG" kind of dumb. I just find it very dumb that you would -support someone just because you specifically haven't seen that person. Even if the player has 100 h there will still be timezone diffrances and you might not see them because of it. So please stop.
  4. the not so ultimate bad pun thread

    Am I the only one finding these jokes hilarious?
  5. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

    I've played this map before and it is great. I'm very excited to start playing SWRP again.
  6. dogs or cats?

    Cats are lazy
  7. Share your steam library

    Either I am blind or it is 3 am getting to me
  8. Share your steam library

    Were is Gmod?
  9. Share your steam library

    Here's mine:
  10. Plans for Hyplex

    The situation develops.
  11. Can a fish drown?

    Yes they can drown in a different liquid than water.
  12. The new management plan

    Going as expected.

    I mean he was doing good I don't really get why he got demoted.
  14. Gun Control

    Honestly I would like all guns to be banned but more money spent on police. I just don't think regular people can handle the choice of killing someone or not.