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  1. Friend getting his asskicked

    Beutiful Skinny Midgets Fighting lmao
  2. Matrix LOA

    I Have loads of Homework & Upcoming Tests in School so I won't have any time for atleast 1week to actually Administrate. I'll make sure to be active everyday after my LOA though!
  3. More Logs for Staff

    Requesting Lock as it's Planned already @Kuikentje NL
  4. Matrix warning the wrong person.

    I’m so embarrassed and laughing my ass of that I didn’t realize? @Lethomius Maximus
  5. Matrix warning the wrong person.

    Sorry About what happened. After All I’m Only Human. Mistakes happen & I’ll make sure to check Logs Everytime. Requesting Lock as The Warning was removed. @Kuikentje NL
  6. Printers / Models

    +Support for the Printer Auto-Cooler, Would be neat to have on the server.
  7. Gun Crafting.

    The Materials are saved even if you change job or Reconnect/crash. You won't lose anything basically. Also you can customize it yourself in the Config how much of the Materials a Player can buy as maximum and how much every certain amount of time
  8. Complaint against Matrix

    Requesting Lock @Kuikentje NL /
  9. Complaint against Matrix

    Aha, I remember now it was Hopocus (His name was something like that) That called about ”Cat.” being Toxic and saying stuff in chat. Sorry for the Confusion. I’ve made atleast 50+ Sits just this morning.
  10. Complaint against Matrix

    I’m Sorry about that @Lethomius Maximus I Didn’t look in chat that Closely cus I had loads of Reports at that time. I’m pretty sure I gave him a warning later on though when I claimed your Call for Staff
  11. More Logs for Staff

    I Feel like the Logs need some more Features such as Inventory Logs so you can see if someone equipped something or Inventoried something. (Inventory Logs would be nice to Check if someone stole a Item in a Gun Selling Process/Equipped a Item during Kidnap) It would also be nice to have logs of Blowtorching cus It gets quite annoying when people say the Vicitim was Raiding with Blowtorch and then you can't check if it's true or not.
  12. drizzy.vip

  13. Stone's Unwarn Appeal

    That should be made a Rule though. Many Reports of these kinds of Scenarios It feels like.
  14. n0cturnal's Staff Application

    Sorry, I mean't "Sometimes"
  15. n0cturnal's Staff Application

    -Support I’m Sorry Man, I’ve played with you many times and you break Rules often (Atleast when I played with you) I hope this doesn’t ruin our Friendship Goodluck anyways though!