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  1. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    Do i ned 2 do dis? Specs
  2. Hyplex 1.5.3

    Is @Keiran Still rigged in the /jackpot jk
  3. Jason's Staff Application

    I've been on for atleast 3 hours+ everyday. Completing 100 sits a day. If you were on that much, i would of saw you
  4. Staff APP DevlOghHB

    -Support -Seems very im-mature in-game
  5. EMgaming's Staff App

    -Support -Seen you once -Pretty sure it was because you broke a rule (Not completely sure) -Messy App
  6. Jason's Staff Application

    -Support -Haven't seen i-g (I know im not one to talk considering my app...) -15 hours playtime..
  7. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    +Support +Active +Good App
  8. Removal of NPC's

  9. Void abusing building sign

  10. PawnShop Application

    Sorry, the name just doesn't sound familiar to me.. Also here's a better screenshot :
  11. PawnShop Application

    Yea, i was just guessing cause of the additional section..
  12. kurupT's Admin Application

    -Support -Do i really need to give a reason?
  13. PawnShop Application

    -Neutral -Never seen ig -Has a previous ban? +Alot of playtime hours
  14. Wrongfully banned

    Use the template.
  15. Bloodys Staff Application

    -Support -Never seen i-g