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  1. 3 False warns

    Em @LionsDen... Could we get some attention in here?
  2. Admin events!

    Well... Seems like a good idea... Although Easily abused Might make events more of a strict thing than I creative and fun thing to do on the server It would take a good bit of time to make I would think So yeah... -Support
  3. Suggestion

    Agree. 10/10 IGN
  4. Hey! Joined the forums recently.

    oof will always be relevant @oof <3 On other topics, Welcome @oof-is-bae Hope you have fun
  5. Recent issues

    Good, good
  6. Calvin Ban Report

    -Accepted- The user will receive a permanent ban as he is clearly only here to cause trouble. Thank you for your ban request!
  7. @RhyssI was denied because i was a minge and annoying to everyone not the application

  8. Ethans Ban appeal

    Reposting your exact same ban appeal isn't gonna make us feel like you want unbanned Anyways, it was denied before, so its denied again.
  9. New Building Concept

  10. Warn Appeal

    Pretty certain @Dylan wite was ever demoted. Dylan, please leave you response
  11. Day Light

    We are now accepting forum applications again
  12. Jason and Chaos

    Sounds very worthy of you @Sanity I am glad you decided to sort out your problems with the staff team.
  13. Freezing problem

    Very odd, the only real fixes i can think of for this would be Verifying game files (Right click > Properties > Local Files) Possibly needing to re-install the game... Sucks