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  1. DarkRP Staff Meeting

    DarkRP staff meetings are occurring every week. You require to be a staff member to enter this meeting. Be there or be square. Meetings will be cancelled if big events are occurring; e.g. Christmas, New Years Eve etc
  2. dedtusc's Trial Mod Application

    This is true I think you should know what RDA is without having to ask the rest of the server Doesn't really show a good knowing of the rules
  3. Rhyss Compliant

    Are you for cereal right now
  4. Rhyss Compliant

    I didnt let him reply? He was already talking to me over discord apologising for it. Maybe if you could fkn read while copying things.
  5. Rhyss Compliant

  6. Staff Application Template / Requirements

    Reduced requirements/ Same as before the forums roll back
  7. Economy reset?

    Haven't heard anything about it Neither has it been talked about in announcements :thinking:
  8. Economy reset?

    sayz who
  9. Hoi I wasn't quite here since aero but from 2.0. I ain't as much as a homie as you are but owell I'm from Northern Ireland... Don't really have really prominent accent but a lot of people seem to notice
  10. Banned for being Racist

    -Resolved- Hazzey defaults with no evidence. You will be un-banned. Innocent until proven guilty.
  11. Banned for being Racist

    @ski1337 Discord If you still want it
  12. New and have questions

    He did "Dirt to Diamonds" In hyplex 3.0 i believe
  13. Gmod Errors Fix

    Y did you upload it and not just paste his link lmao
  14. Im Idiotic

    No, I don't believe you've changed in the short amount of time you were gone.
  15. Metropolis Mafia

    Updated. Removed PsychoPeq Added Jamie (som^) Added Lil Life