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  1. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    I’m not gonna lie about my age especially when the required age is 13/14... I’m 17 and I’m sure if you go onto my steam account it’ll tell you the same. If really need be I can provide evidence by posting some sort of identification. Also I feel like my application is good and I still don’t see the mingy part... I’m certainly not a toxic IG. Thanks for the feedback though.
  2. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    I’m taking this as feedback that I can keep, but I’m also letting people know the reason behind there comment, I’m simply only letting them know. Not defending myself. I am 17, 18 in two months.
  3. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    Don’t worry Danny I ain’t gonna let anyone down, I’m here to help the server aswell as the community to be safe.
  4. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    There’s only one person that’s calling me a minge, which I’ve asked how I’m a minge but I’ve had no reply... I can’t see why I’m a minge to be honest.
  5. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    You ain’t wrong. Yea I probably am a little more intelligent than most trial moderators and I’ve been in a few situations where I feel like I would’ve handled situations better. As I’ve said people make spelling mistakes especially when you’ve been up all night which makes your concentration quite bad. It wasnt just one member of staff staff it was a couple. Yea I’m sure it is prop block but that’s the thing what can you do when no administrators are online and they’re breaking rules and they have no intention to Roleplay?. I wouldn’t say it’s harsh, because they shouldn’t have done it... they broke a rule and if there was proof then yea I’d say a 2 week ban would be suitable.
  6. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    No this isn’t the case... if I wanted I could’ve waited but I changed my mind because I was getting annoyed by the “abusers” prop blocking and going around RDMING. I felt like there should’ve been someone online to be able to hold management on the server... you say no effort, maybe have a look on how much detail I put in (except the spelling mistakes).
  7. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    Im able to play this amount of hours now because I only got my computer fixed yesterday. i was tired when I was typing this and made a couple of spelling mistakes (yea it might’ve been the same word but at the moment in time It looked correct) now you’ve pointed it out I’ve noticed that I made the mistake.
  8. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    I’m curious to know how am I a minge?
  9. TrolledLikeABoss’s Trial Moderator Application

    Steam Name: TrolledLikeABoss Discord Name & Discrim ( TrolledLikeABoss#9257 ): SteamID: STEAM_1:0:138971361 TimeZone: GMT Date of Birth: 6th June 2000 Age: 17 Total Playtime: 20hours *(Ive been on this server constant for the past 2 days... and all I’ve seen is rule breakers and hackers as soon as the admins or moderators go offline, now I would be on the server till late every night because I’ve got my computer fixed). (I feel like this could be a good chance to keep your server safe at night while a lot of people are off, I even stayed up all night to get to 20hours but I feel like it’s a requirement that there should be a night time moderator).* Total Warnings: 2 ( I have 1 active warning) Staff References ( they must confirm for them to be valid ): I will call for a reference when I hear back from the person I spoke to when I said I was applying. Do you have a microphone(Yes/No): Yes, don’t have it just now though. Side Hobbies/Projects that may affect my activity: I have college on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. How many hours are you able to be online the DarkRP server a week ( approximately ): between 60-75hours a week. Do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers / other games (please censor names): Yes I’ve had experience as I used to have my own server which I had to close down because of a situation I can’t discuss. Why are you applying for Trial Moderator ( minimum of 100 words )?: The reason I’m applying for trial moderator is because I’ve been on the last few nights and have had not many staff on while people have been either breaking rules/ abusing/ hacking/ exploiting the system just like this morning at 5am GMT there was some horrible nasty rule breakers so which I stepped in and tried to make a jail so I could try hold in the rule breakers... it kinda worked but they just either changed jobs or abused the battering ram, yesterday I spoke to a trail moderator and they had no clue what they were doing for which I had to step in and tell them to look at the chat in the screenshot I sent to him in the sit. I like having a responsibility of looking after something... having some part of power will let me keep the server in control as this server has been my favourite server for months. Also I will stop people from giving the server a bad name for hackers/ exploiters/ spammers and abusers. The only server I play on is hyplex and that’s because of how friendly the staff and the community are. What is the role of a Trial Moderator ( no minimum )?: The role to be a Trail Moderator is to be just like a moderator and protect the community to also make sure that the server is fine and there is no rule breakers or anything. Why should we pick you? ( minimum of 75 words )?: I feel I should get picked because I have been trying to keep the server safe by letting other admins know as soon as they come online, I’m also a little bit more intelligent than some trail/ moderators as I was in a situation today where I had to tell one of the moderators on how to do there job because they never looked at the chat of a screenshot. I also had to kinda feel with another situation where someone was prop blocking and I stoped what I was doing to try prevent him from doing it, by trying to find someone on discord to come online. But as I was in the progress of doing that some administrators had came online and punished him. What are the definitions of the following, be sure to include examples: RDM: Random Death Match- There is Jack walking down the tunnel and John thinks it’s funny to shoot Jack. NLR: New Life Rule- Jack goes back for revenge but Johns friend calls NLR on him. RDA: Random Arrest- CP Suzie runs around with her arrest Baton out and starts arresting everyone. NITRP:- This means “No intention To Role Play” this is when someone just joins the server to screw up everyone else’s Roleplay experience. MRDM: Mass Random Death Match- John then thinks it’s funny after killing Jack that he wants to run around the map shooting everyone. What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against RDM: bring and freeze and depending on the situation I’d either perms ban or if ban him for 2-4 weeks. What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against NLR: If someone was to break the NLR rule I would speak to them and explain to them to stop or I would need to either warn or kick them and tell them to go read the rules If a staff member told you they had planned to abuse or harm the community in any way possible, what would you do?: speak to the global management team aswell as try get evidence of them either saying or typing it. AGREEMENT I will not advertise my application anywhere within the community whatsoever. I will not create an alternate account to give my application support and I will be patient waiting for a response, I understand it may take time to assess. If I am accepted into the DarkRP Team, I will not abuse the powers given to me, and use them for my own good. I will only use the permissions granted to myself to better the community and assist in helping to keep the community clean and engaged. I understand that if I abuse my powers for my own good, or for anyone else's good I will be demoted. I understand that this position is to be taken seriously, and I understand that I must enforce the rules put in place by the Global Management team, and to ensure that there is no toxic behaviour within the community. I understand that if I am inactive I will be given a strike and that if I receive 2 strikes I will be demoted.