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  1. Edde's Trial Mod application

    Woops sorry meant mod
  2. Edde's Trial Mod application

    Steam Name: Edde Discord Name & Discrim ( Cryption#0001 ): edde15926#6402 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77699391 TimeZone: Central European Standard Time - CEST Date of Birth: 13 July 2003 Age: 14 Total Playtime: 66:41:26 Total Warnings: 1 for propblock happend about a month ago and cant remember what exactly happend Staff References ( they must confirm for them to be valid ): I do not have any staff referances Do you have a microphone(Yes/No): Yes Side Hobbies/Projects that may affect my activity: I do not do anything besides go to school How many hours are you able to be online the DarkRP server a week ( approximately ): on a normal week about 25+ hours Do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers / other games (please censor names): I Have some staff experience in other games for example Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, Unturned and on one server on garrys mod hower that server wasnt DarkRP Why are you applying for Trial Moderator ( minimum of 100 words )?: I am applying for trial moderator because I like playing a lot on hyplex and it needs staff. Sometimes when I have been on and no mods/admins have been the server has been in absolute chaos mass rdming propblocking so that you can't go anywhere and so i am applying because i would like to help fix this by being one extra moderator might help keeping people from mass rdming and propblocking and by becoming trial moderator I might be able to lower other staffs work loads for example when the server is at almost max capacity and there are only one or two staff online you can have to wait for a while when you report because there are so many reports coming in What is the role of a Trial Moderator ( no minimum )?: I believe that a trial moderator is supposed to be there for people who need help and to keep people from breaking the server rules to make it a happy and nice community Why should we pick you? ( minimum of 75 words )?: I believe you should pick me because I have experience in being staff and know how to quickly and correctly handle a situation i also can give a lot of my time to the server in the weekend especially I can enter early in the morning and continue until late at night. I am not rude to players which is a good thing because someone who has made a report don't want to deal with a rude moderator because since they already have made a report something i probably bothering them. What are the definitions of the following, be sure to include examples: RDM: Random Deathmatch (Killing someone without valid RP reason) NLR: New Life Rule (you have to wait five minutes before interacting with anything that happend in your previous life and forget anything that happend before you died) RDA: Random Arrest (Arresting someone as a police officer withour a valid RP reason) NITRP: No Intention To RP (The person joins a RP server but has no intention of actually doing any RP) MRDM: Mass Random Deathmatch (The same as RDM but instead with a larger group of people) What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against RDM: First of all if i got a report that someone was RDMed I would teleport the RDMed and the RDMer to a sit and ask for both their stories if the RDMer sais he didnt know what he was doing i will jail him for a short period and tell him to read the rules but if he did know what he was doing I will warn him for RDM What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against NLR: If I get a report that someone is breaking NLR i will ask him why he broke NLR if he doesnt have a somewhat good reason i will tell him to read the rules to make sure that it doesnt happen again If a staff member told you they had planned to abuse or harm the community in any way possible, what would you do: I would first of all take a screenshot of the messages or record what is happening i will then send the screenshot/recording to a higher up in the staff so that they can do something about it since if im only a trial moderator i cant really do much about it Agreement: I will not advertise my application anywhere within the community whatsoever. I will not create an alternate account to give my application support and I will be patient waiting for a response, I understand it may take time to assess. If I am accepted into the Hyplex.co DarkRP Team, I will not abuse the powers given to me, and use them for my own good. I will only use the permissions granted to myself to better the community and assist in helping to keep the community clean and engaged. I understand that if I abuse my powers for my own good, or for anyone else's good I will be demoted. I understand that this position is to be taken seriously, and I understand that I must enforce the rules put in place by the Global Management team, and to ensure that there is no toxic behaviour within the community. I understand that if I am inactive I will be given a strike and that if I receive 2 strikes I will be demoted. I agree to these agreements
  3. Snickers or Twix ?

    Twix definetly #TwixTeam
  4. the truth

    I agree with Rugglez Clickbait
  5. Would you rather

    1. have no money but has all family, loved ones alive 2. has no power and is the richest in friends 3. your dad lesbien
  6. open this

    My chrome wanted to translate this site it translated that to Ha gOtȄm, Sir JUST GOT ȳǪu ̴̯̮̯͙͒̈̆̈̔͛̔͑̓̕͘͝͝ ̶̿̽̐͋̓̕͝ ͈̫͖̪̥͙̙̙͓̏͝ 𝓑𝓐𝓘𝓣𝓔𝓭
  7. I am wondering why this server doesnt have screengrab yesterday i had some trouble with a wall hacker he was later banned but it would have gone so much quicker if this server had screengrab then they could just have looked at what he saw and then seen that he could see through the wall If you dont know screengrab is something you can use as a mod/admin and take a look at exactly what they are seing on their screen its different from spectating because if they are using esp you can see the esp on their screen