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  1. Cryption is abusing.

    Look at what he says Being Toxic Asf in the sit but yet doesn't bother to look in the logs to see if it was event rdm in a sit because the guy shot Freaky in the foot first please explain
  2. Cryption is abusing.

  3. Cryption is abusing.

  4. Cryption is abusing.

    Not To be rude in any way but cryption has been abusing to be honest Freaky was banned for "Rdm in a sit" but yet the person that had made this sit actually try to Att. Rdm Freaky by shooting him in the foot and also Killswitch was muted for no good valid reason if you scroll up you can see that cryption is threatening him ban him,while staff shouldn't have to threat a player but should tell them with respect that if he continues he will be banned.Cryption had just gone over the line to much.Not to be rude but trying to be honest 😶
  5. Brads Event

    Brad is a amazing Mod and does is job very well.He had hosted an event today and was amazing and went perfectly to plan.He had given us 50k even if we lost or won and was a fun time when we had to try taking him down.It was super fun all the people there enjoyed it as well for me.Was one of the best event's I had ever join and funnest than the rest I had joined.Thank You Brad for making it possible
  6. I like Brads New event it was fun and earned cash out of it even if we lost.It was nice TDM and everything went perfectly well and amazing.I hope he can keep on doing this because other people seem to enjoy it to very much.I thank Brad for making that event possible