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  1. Nuthsell Gamers xD

    what about reddit
  2. Nuthsell Gamers xD

    what about 4chin
  3. Emoticon Suggestions

    thank you, ily
  4. New warning system

    Oh ah yeah true. Just RDM then. RDM warnings should last longer than micspam warnings.
  5. Fortnite > PUBG

    wrong. literally wrong, objectively speaking. completely and utterly factually incorrect. in other words, you are fake news.
  6. Emoticon Suggestions

    :thatcat: like we have in the in-game chat. We have , it's literal cat-discrimination to not have :thatcat:
  7. New warning system

    Depends on the severity of the warning. If it's micspam, then it shouldn't have as long of a removal period as mass-RDM for example.
  8. You just activated my trap card. You can clearly see that I edited out that in my reply to you, so get absolutely rekt punk
  9. @UberZ You didn't like what I said because you know I tell the truth. 😉
  10. Things that should be added to hyplex darkrp

    State why or forever hold your peace. Saying that, I'm inclined to agree with you. fuck yes
  11. Oh god, too laggy and no good reason for them. Takes a minute to walk from one end of the map to the other. R.I.P. Crowbars are perfectly good enough!
  12. New warning system

    I agree with UberZ. Not sure about 3 months, but they should definitely be removed automatically. No reason why not, really. A manual removal of old warnings just wastes time.
  13. Uber driver

    Meh. No one would really use this, would they? Cars in general in DarkRP have been pretty useless in my opinion. They're far too laggy and it's not like the map size justifies the need of cars; the map size isn't big at all. Just seems like a useless, laggy addition to me. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm just not fun, though.
  14. Cocaine for dumbos

    That sounds risky. Why not just order seeds with Amazon Prime?