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  1. New theme?

    Oh fukk naw
  2. New map ideas?

  3. New map ideas?

    It takes time to set up, it's a bit useless. It'll ruin the server, I guess. :thatcat:
  4. New map ideas?

    Yeah, it depends because there are little shortcuts. But compared to the huge French servers ones, this one is NUTHIN
  5. New map ideas?

    Nah, this map is good. It's a simple map. There are no cars on the server, so if they would add a big map like the French RP server uses (rockford maps) it would take ages to go from one side of the map to the other one.
  6. ThunderS3ruck's Staff Application

    Wait. Did my fucking post get deleted ?!
  7. See, that's why the whole staff of this whole fucking community is crying because they have no staff. Once you do a mistake you get fucked permanently. I've got a ban, I've learned, but nah, I still get denied for being "racist". If this community can't get staff members is because of that.
  8. Instead of y'all saying "Immature" give me a proof too because I don't know what's immature to y'all extra clever pepole.
  9. I am not saying that I am in the right and I am not trying to argue. It's just the fact that this community accepts every insult then they get salty because of a Nazi sing. Very logical here.
  10. In my point, it wasn't racist... I mean I didn't mean to be racist at any points. If you take it offensively then we can't do anything for you. Thunder was spamming soviet signs so I was like "Meh, why couldn't I spam nazi sings then". It's stupid to get offended over that when pepole are like "you gay bastard" on the server and no one gets offended.
  11. yes because of nazi signs, I didn't mean to be racist in any kind of way. Sanity won't even tell me how it's racism.
  12. ThunderS3ruck's Staff Application

    See ? He says immature to everyone that does something that makes him mad or salty :')
  13. Well the thing is that I've already got votes on this one, and pepole already saw it. Isn't there a way you could delete it ?
  14. I think I should do my apply again but with the new template because this is a no-no for sure ;-;
  15. I'm not trying to argue and I understand it's your last verdict, but it's easy to ban someone without saying without explaining me why I've got this reason :')