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    Your Steam Name?:p0tato_Videos Your Discord Name?: AFK AND MONEY GOD Your SteamID?:STEAM_1:0:141776751 What is your timezone?: USA EASTERN TIMEZONE What is your date of birth?: April 30, 2003 What is your age?: 14 What is your playtime?: on gmod as of now: 238h Do you have a microphone?: Yes Do you have any experience staffing on other servers / other games (please give names)?: Yes FragRp and ACErp Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (minimum of 100 words)?: I am applying for trial moderator because I have experience with the trial mod on other servers and I like it. Also, I have a lot of fun playing on this server and I know I want to help out. Gmod is my favorite game and I personally feel good at it. On other servers like Ace Rp, I have 1000 claimed sits as of now and I think I can reach this goal. Some of my many encounters with hackers, RDM'rs, and other people have inspired me to apply for staff. These are some reasons why I want to apply for staff, there are many more reasons that I want to apply. What is the role of a Trial Moderator (no minimum)?: The role of the trial moderator is to enforce the rules and make the server a better place. Why should we pick you? (minimum of 75 words)?: I think that you should pick me because I have a lot of experience with moderating servers and once owned my own server. I also am very quick and efficient at handling hackers and other rulebreakers. You should also pick me because I care for the servers that I moderate on and I am mostly not sloppy. Finally, another reason you should pick me is that I am very mature when it comes to serious matters. What are the definitions of the following (bonus - give examples); RDM?: When someone kills any person not according to the rules. Example: Citizen shoots citizen on the street without them being allowed the rules or any warns. NLR?: When someone dies and killed the person that killed him during NLR period. Example: Someone Dies during the raid and comes back during nlr RDA?: When a cop arrests someone for no reason. Example: Citizen gets arrested for doing nothing. ARDM?: Someone assists with rdm. Example: Man shoots with another man killing another man How many warnings do you have?:0 Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time for no reason?: Yes Do you understand that if you are caught abusing commands that you can be demoted without warning?: Yes Do you understand that if you are caught making Elite's job hard that you will be demoted?: Yes Staff references? Dragon_Slayer