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  1. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -DeathWing -Unknown -SWRP Mentor -DeathWing -I always loved playing in a gang, and it would make raids more fun knowing ya can do it with other gents, and it would be fun to play with ya @Dillon & -plenty of money and weapons, really good aim and raiding skills if needed, building wise its a no go. -Nope
  2. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

    So, you want a member from the 74th to be designated to each regiment during an event? I feel like this could be a good idea, depending on the amount of 74th we have on during that event.
  3. Down for Maintenance.

    Hey Guys, The SWRP server is going down for maintanance and it will be locked till further notice, recently the server has been dying out, and we are going to be doing a full revamp of the server, a lot of the things are going to stay the same, but the game play will change. The reason we made the change is because the old server was basic and ordinary, therefore players would not join, We are going to attemp to make it more unique and different compared to other servers. Salty, Large & I are going to be changing development around and hopefully the server has different features, for example, gun changes, game changes and possibly regiment changes.

    Denied Incorrect Format. Does not meet any word counts. Zero effort has been put into the application. You may reapply in two weeks.
  5. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    A Guard job wouldn't really make sense, as I've never seen a Jedi accompanied by a guard on the battlefield. Something that would make more sense is to add this as an event job, we could use this for Jedi that are required to come onto the ship for that event, and then they can be sent back to Coruscant depending on the event.
  6. tazers

    I'm a good boy! You know that (Sorry, off topic)
  7. tazers

    I think this would help CG out quite a bit (Mainly for minges)
  8. [Event Idea] Unknown Distress call - CX Victoria

    This is an amazing idea, it may take a bit of time & effort , but I'm sure our Event Planners could pull it off @Chaos @Kuikentje NL Same
  9. Staff application

    -Support -Doesnt have any play time on the server. (Yes we only released yesterday but requirements should still apply) - A lot of grammar errors.
  10. Staff Application

    +/- (Neutral) -Doesnt have any play time on the server. (Yes we only released yesterday but requirements should still apply) -Haven't seen you ingame.
  11. Logo / Overlay Designer?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to design some logos & possibly some streaming / recording overlays?
  12. SWRP Back?

    Yeeeees, finally we can release!!!