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  1. Banned for hacking but i wasnt

    just correcting you that's all
  2. Banned for hacking but i wasnt

    gmod wasn't made or published by valve so doesn't have VAC connected to it
  3. Staff Application

    don't apply if you don't have the ability to respond to feedback. simply wait until you have the ability and then apply
  4. SWRP map guide

    It’s called CT bunks
  5. SWRP map guide

    Fleet bunks are on the bridges not the fifth floor
  6. Vote For Your Ga!

    everyone vote salty for me and my CG to be brutal af
  7. Vote For Your Ga!

    stealing my question
  8. Vote For Your Ga!

    can you add dhelep as an option?
  9. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

  10. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

    wow. you put a lot of work into this. i love all of these ideas. Just need some clarification on these ones though (i know i'm a pain) do you mean that there will be a special job like 501st medic that they will switch into. This would be to prevent getting confused by seeing 1 orange guy among the blue. so instead of dying you get knocked out and have to be revived to get back into the fight. you can also respawn if you want (no medics on for instance). i saw this in RedSpartan's video and i love the idea and really want it to be added.
  11. Staff Application

    you aren't 13 at the time of saying you are 13 so you can't say you are 13
  12. TheMeeMeeMachine's staff app

    this seems like a darkrp application to me not a swrp application. am i wrong?
  13. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    The CG are for clones. We are not equipped to protect the Jedi. If we are to be in charge of the security of the Jedi, it is more likely that they will die as we can’t take on a sith or something like that so it makes sense that there is a Jedi equivalent to us to keep them safe.
  14. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    I support this too. It could be interesting to have a Jedi version of the CG. I love this idea
  15. LionsDen's Fleet App

    +1 all reasons above