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  1. US server req :o

    this is really stupid but uhhh.... On the US server in the bottom left, the money count has a pound symbol. I think... This is a weird request but could you devs make It a dollar sign on the US server. again I know its dumb xd.. thx
  2. Frazer's Forum Admin app

  3. Aqua

    IGN: Sir Redz Steam Name: Sir Redz Playtime: (I don't have 50hrs but i'm applying anyways) 40hrs Money: 850k Level: lvl 6 What are you best at?: My strength would be building. Other: I'm currently in Valentino but there is barely any US players so I'm hoping to find some people to play with in this org.
  4. Loading screen unique messages

  5. New Jobs

    I wouldnt mind this, but I think there shouldnt be a whole new role for this. It could just be another thing to buy from another dealer. (idk) I've seen this on plenty of servers and it's just a really boring way to make money. Its just a little more active than cookie clicker tbh. There are a lot more ways to make money on the server and I don't think taking up space in the map and having little rocks to click on with a pickaxe should be one of them. these are just my thoughts. idk.
  6. [CLOSED]Valentino

    Steam Name: Sir Redz Playtime: 32hrs Balance: 500k
  7. neat base

  8. neat base

    Just a build i made on top of the bank. Lemme know if you like it, gimme some criticism as well. Thanks
  9. Day Light

    IGN: Sir Redz Age: 14 Skills: I'm a base builder and I do well in defending and raiding. o: Activity: 1-4 hrs on week days except on mondays and wednesdays I'll be on for 1-2 hrs. 2 hrs and above on weekends. Playtime: 26 hrs