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  1. US server req :o

    this is really stupid but uhhh.... On the US server in the bottom left, the money count has a pound symbol. I think... This is a weird request but could you @drizzy.vip devs make It a dollar sign on the US server. again I know its dumb xd.. thx
  2. Frazer's Forum Admin app

  3. Aqua

    IGN: Sir Redz Steam Name: Sir Redz Playtime: (I don't have 50hrs but i'm applying anyways) 40hrs Money: 850k Level: lvl 6 What are you best at?: My strength would be building. Other: I'm currently in Valentino but there is barely any US players so I'm hoping to find some people to play with in this org.
  4. Staff Application (TJ)

    I'm not trying to be rude, It's just that... I have to fix it, I have issues. I've never seen* I've never had* neutral. --------- My bad, my brain would just hurt more if I didn't correct it.
  5. I could be blind but idk

    idk if I'm just blind or If FDA isn't a rule. (fading door abuse) You guys have it as a question in your staff application template, but yet it isn't in the rules. I could just be missing it but It def should be in there :^/
  6. Staff Application (TJ)

    just my thoughts :^/ -support Barely hit the minimum, add a little bit more information Didn't hit the minimum. I'd say give some more detail and information on your reasons. +support I have seen this guy in game a few times and he seems pretty chill, but overall I would tell you to work on your app a little more.

    That's hilarious lmao
  8. Make the nlr bubbles actually warn you

    I've gotton problocked into my own nlr bubble, so I guess that's another bad thing
  9. Tunnel dupe (:

    Nice base
  10. New Building Concept

    Doesn't that break this rule? : Designing holes which someone raiding your base can not clearly shoot back at you Eg, taking advantage of source view angles to have a gap they can’t see you through. Honestly idk, if someone could tell me if that applies, that would be nice Cause I'm not sure in that scenario if they could shoot you back, since it seems like that's the point help plz
  11. Hey! Joined the forums recently.

    01010111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101
  12. ♝ White Cobra ♝

  13. ♝ White Cobra ♝

    IGN: Sir Redz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:102881735 Time Played: 35 hrs Money: 600k Why do you want to Join? : Cause There isn't any US players in Valentino, I just want to join an org
  14. Loading screen unique messages

  15. Aqua ban request

    When I joined the us server I immediately got shot from some dude with what looked like a spin bot or something. He kept spamming something about "idiotbox" which is some sort of hack, tbh idk. he also had 48 kills when he left. Here's his steam id: STEAM_0:0:83148631 Here'es his steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AquaL4D2 (he has a vac ban aswell.) Here's the footage I got.