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  1. Dep Man Introduction

    Hello Dep Man! Thank you for playing on Hyplex, and good luck on your application!
  2. PsychoPeq leaving

    Bye physco! We will all miss you
  3. Zack's trial mod application

    Um, I don’t remember saying you could use me as a ref Youre a cool dude to talk too. But I rarely ever give out my ref. I do not think you are quite fit to be staff just yet. I would like to still keep in touch with you though, youre pretty cool. -support
  4. Can a fish drown?

    If you cut a fishies gilles out. It has no means of breathing. So in reaction it would “drown”
  5. The end of a good run

    Good bye dylan! I hope I’ll see you around sometime
  6. Eye opener

    Damn, Hyplex will miss both of you guys. I hope to see you both around!
  7. TJ is good mod

    TJ is my bae <3
  8. Confusing Questions

    lmfao XD I am raping your brain with confusing shit.
  9. a compliment for @kynks

    Yeah, we just figured that out today lmfao XD
  10. Confusing Questions

    Good, my child, good
  11. a compliment for @kynks

    A plan on doing that for a good while
  12. Confusing Questions

    Damn lmfao
  13. Confusing Questions

    Lmfao. XDD