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  1. ...

    I have never seen you in game
  2. ...

    There are many errors in your application. After being told many times to copy the template you did not Never seen IG -support
  3. Trial moderator application

    -support Immature Barley seen IG +support Has a good understanding of RDM, NLR, RDA and ARDM Overall = -support
  4. Ban Appeal

    You did not use the template. Plus I have also seen you spamming text screens in game before.
  5. Zack's trial mod application

    Lying about staff recommendation Not really seen ig Doesnt meet word count Bad spelling/grammer Troller/minge Huge -support
  6. Gun Control

    Sry, i dont rly check dates. I will now though
  7. Gun Control

  8. Gun Control

    It is our American right. An AR15 is not an automatic rifle. All consumer grade rifles (what civilians can buy) are only semi auto. Its not the guns. Its the all the illegal parts that people choose to add to them
  9. a compliment for @kynks

    you do realize that both of you are in the same org, smh
  10. a compliment for @kynks

    kynks is a good manz
  11. Brads Base Business

    I will work on it asap
  12. Sanity Staff Complaint

    Just because he takes a while doesnt mean hes bad. Staff are not robots. Sanity is a good mod
  13. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    STEAM_1:0:170189466 Im not saying this for the credits but Hyplex is actually the best darkrp server in all of gmod
  14. ooof's resignation

    Sad to see you go. Good luck on whatever comes next 😥
  15. Ban request

    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): Dark Rp Name of user: ya got ya telly loicense Steam-ID : STEAM_1:1:60023477 What rule did this person break? : Rdm Short information about the incident : He just kept killing me over and over Evidence of rule break (Required) :