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  1. DarkRP Staff Meeting


    I was wondering what time the meeting starts in EST
  2. What kind of mic should I buy

    Thanks! ill keep that in mind!
  3. What kind of mic should I buy

    I looking for a mic with descent quality and does not cost a whole lot. Any suggestions? (If you have links please provide them!)
  4. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    STEAM_0:0:174728307 Please pick me i'm crossing my fingers!
  5. hyplex 3.0

    I was not around when hyplex 3.0 was out but it sounds like fun!
  6. Personally I thing cops should be buffed a little. Anybodys thoughts?
  7. TJ is good mod

    Yeah I know what you mean, I have seen him on the server and he is pretty nice!
  8. Forum Name Change Megathread.

    Thanks again!
  9. Problem with editing a post

    Thank you for clarifying that!
  10. a compliment for @kynks

    Nice! I hope you keep making the server a better place!
  11. Problem with editing a post

    So recently I made a staff app but it wont let me edit it anymore, I could earlier but I cant now. Only quote remains at the bottom of my post
  12. Forum Name Change Megathread.

    Can mine be changed to dedtusc? ( its my steam name )
  13. Error / Missing Texture

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get the textures for dark rp without paying the 20$
  14. Hello from dedtusc

    I would like to say hello to the community and that I will look forward to seeing you all in game!
  15. dedtusc's Application

    its for dark RP sorry i didn't realize it was SWRP