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  1. I’m sorry.

    I didn’t know that you had trial mod, either way for mods and admins, a three strike system should be used
  2. I’m sorry.

    I’m going to miss you as a mod. Staff should have 3 strikes before they are out. People make mistakes, that’s why having three strikes would be helpful. Although you made a mistake, in this article you made up for it. Good apology. ~Rose
  3. The NO ADVERT rant

    I love how active this community is, such an amazing community.
  4. The NO ADVERT rant

    I just like the advert way that many other servers use, I agree that it makes the server unique. I find it hard to keep track of who is countering, there could be some random person behind the base that just watches the raid and killers the raiders and claimed he “Countered,”

    Snowbordeee all the way
  6. The NO ADVERT rant

    I got the first rant 😀
  7. The NO ADVERT rant

    ————Advert———— I really don’t like the damn no advert system. You can never know if you are getting raided or countered. It’s hard to know if people are with you or against you. Other servers that I really like have advert systems. Servers like RP land have adverting, it really helps admins know what happened. Even though Hyplex is by far my favourite server on Garry’s mod, no adverting can be a big trouble, especially if you are raiding. No adverting can confuse raiders from people that counter. Admins and mods can use this to help solve problems. For example, Suspect A claims suspect B and suspect C RDM’d him when he tried to assist, the Admin can look in logs and see if he adverted or not. Another reason why I think that this server should add adverting is because of the warning system. Players think that they can warn in voice chat when sometimes, they can be hard to understand or be counting way to quickly just because they are kill thirsty. -Rose (I have noticed that this is not really a rant and more of a persuasion for the owner of the server)