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  1. Italian Mafia ~ Applications

    Sure thing, Base near us.
  2. Italian Mafia ~ Applications

    Should of joined my clan to base with us whenever you want.
  3. UberZ look at this.

  4. UberZ look at this.

    I’m not even going to say anything here, put UberZ PM me on discord. We need to speak.
  5. Rhyss Compliant

    Right mate this is the most ridiculous fkn shit ever. A fellow staff member and forum manager makes a mistake and apologises for it. But you cannot take that? I don't understand our staff team's obsession with being nazis' towards each other Like fuck me Its meant to be a staff TEAM Not a, oh how can I fuck over someone else in the staff team Get your shit together and get over it. They made a mistake they apologised for it. Dillon let me know when he did the wrong thing and apologised and i did the right thing and fucking accepted it. I think it's about time everyone stops being so frickin childish around here. Denied Locked Moved Rhyss reply, straight immature and off-topic. I didn’t even make the thread just replied.
  6. Rhyss Compliant

    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): DarkRP Your Name: Hazzeyy The staff member you are reporting: Rhyss.me Why are you reporting this person? Dillion broke the rules of the server by counter raiding, another memeber of staff made a report and Rhyss locked it without letting Dillion reply. Dillion was verbally warned nothing else, he might of gone to management and said sorry but that doesn’t excuse Dillion not receiving an ingame warn. Possible action against this staff member: Strike. ALSO do not bring up my situation, well done. I was in the wrong but I’ve done this for people in the staff which don’t want to get demoted. Also please don’t lock this if you’re not an owner because I’m reporting a higher up.
  7. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    Crafty14 is also in.
  8. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    Accepted - On Trial-Period though.
  9. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    You're in.
  10. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    You’re in for sure.
  11. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    Your in ~ Next time your on and I’m on you’ll be invited.
  12. Got warned after higherup told me its fine

    Also you can clearly see in my ss he is standing on a prop with a roof while crouching backing up the point that its a crouch base. and he warned for that.
  13. Got warned after higherup told me its fine

    He killed me as a citizen. He is in the wrong.
  14. Thieves Guild ~ Apply Here

    Of course you're in. Come base with us. : )
  15. Got warned after higherup told me its fine

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303069200 In this screenshot you are clearly crouching, you are in the middle of the road and you have a gun as a citizen. You are in the wrong all day and clearly Master Sean is in the right (Later on he added a fading door you had to crouch jump to get in)