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  1. Banned for hacking but i wasnt

    @Boa Constrictor Barry
  2. Staff Application

    @AaronGaming28 That's where you Dont meet the requirements.
  3. Staff Application

    -support Doesn't meet the requirements Lake of effort definition of RDM isn't right.
  4. When do my warns get removed?

    @Jem Then your keeping with your warnings we dont remove them unless they are invalid.
  5. Old report system

    +1 I would like it bck
  6. dedtusc's Trial Mod Application

    -support Lake of effort. Didn't even reach the requirements.
  7. 3 Years :/

    Damn playing Aero was the best didn't realise it was that long I've been apart of this community for
  8. Economy reset?

    Jackk did unless it was only about the printers
  9. Economy reset?

    When the update comes out credits are going to be reset so either way
  10. Economy reset?

    @Haazey Your credit's will be reset so you can spend real life money on in-game money
  11. Economy reset?

    Yes, because then it will be fair for new players
  12. Right so we ran into a few issues with the forums as Drizzy stated so recent applications have been set back, now just because its been set back doesn't mean that if you got denied you can re-apply because if so we will notice. if you have made a application and it hasn't been accepted or denied up today we would encourage you to recreate it.
  13. I'm back

    Thanks BB xx
  14. I'm back

    So I have noticed how inactive I have been on Hyplex, I haven't gotten around to playing hyplex as I got a new computer so I am playing new games I haven't ever been able to play before. I will be making a full return to hyplex later today Also Happy new year all
  15. Atomic's Staff Application

    I have noticed a few things in your application a few of things are, One in the Hyplex staff application guidelines it states "You should avoid mentioning EliteStudio in your application" you sort of mentioned him in your application. also I have noticed your high amount of warnings. Personally I think that you can spend more time in your application also try writing more and don't repeat your self also don't include EliteStudio in your application I am going to give you a -Support I could change my mind if you can write a bit more.