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  1. Banned for NLR + Disrespect x3?

    +support this guy clearly got a false ban and did not break any rules and that screenshot really does prove it... lol
  2. Warn Appeal.

    This is the rule "Killing players who aren’t directly involved in your RP situation (killing civilians in PD during a PD raid)" He was directly involved with my RP situation, he was assisting. But i didnt want him to assist so i killed him. As far as i known and from what you guys have said it does not appear i have to give him warnings before killing him.
  3. Economy reset?

    Wouldnt it be possible to set everones bank to 1 row and then after the update set it back to the normal limit and everything except ur top row would be deleted?
  4. Warn Appeal.

    He was not trying to counter raid, he was trying to ASSIST.
  5. Custom Title

    No yes it does.
  6. Custom Title

    LPT: Never put symbols in a custom title.
  7. Roasting

    i want to die.
  8. Getting to know players

    This went to far
  9. Getting to know players

    While we are on the topic of cats here is my cat.
  10. Getting to know players

    It looks like he could be going up the stairs too, this is a even bigger mindfuck
  11. Getting to know players

    We have to go deeper
  12. Getting to know players

    This is a whole new level of mind fuck
  13. Getting to know players

    I thought the metropolis mafia color was blue
  14. Getting to know players

    I'm a fucking cunt and I'll probably ignore you if you try to speak to me when I'm building because I'll literally be in a whole other state of mind that you have never seen anyone in. edit: what I was trying to say is that when I'm using the precision tool I'll probably look fucking brain dead to you. edit 2: if you ask me for money I'll probably tell you to fuck off but don't let my attitude fool you because when I'm done with whatever I'm doing I'll search the whole map for you to give you 20k