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  1. What kind of mic should I buy

    blue yeti, or shure sm7b
  2. Lightningshark2's staff application.

    denied stop -repping people who -support, thats how you get denied.
  3. What to Do When Theres 10 People On The Server

    #3. enter dillons giveaway
  4. Java

    joked on u minecraft
  5. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    i’ll give u 100 mil ingame no joke
  6. The New Economy Update

    i hope you realize that its a new gamemode, and anyways all levels are reset, you just wont see until the update. it would be impossible not to do.
  7. the ultimate bad joke thread

    bad joke #101 what do you call a hyplex update? non-existent! its coming, just let us fix a bug so you can actually fucking play <3
  8. Poll: Would you like to see a new rank?

    its a pain to set that up. i would have to have a system to activate admin mode for them, because we wouldnt want them to have power to freely use powers
  9. Poll: Would you like to see a new rank?

    We don't need more ranks right now. We have a small-ish staff team. Is this really necessary?
  10. Dillon's Formal Introduction

    ngl, you’ve actually made the post look decent with formatting.
  11. Rhyss' Demote post?

    Aaa, sorry.
  12. Rhyss' Demote post?

    I said Sanity.
  13. Rhyss' Demote post?

    Sanity do you want to be forum banned.
  14. Rhyss' Demote post?

    honestly, fuck off.
  15. Rhyss' Demote post?

    cya, rhyss. good luck in the future.