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  1. Byee

    I just want to add this in. You're not the brightest. Never once was their a set dead-line for the update. Also, a dead server? Me, and drizzy put a lot of work into this update, and it take's time. Also we've learned a lot since Hyplex 1, and people like you will always conflict with the staff team.
  2. Byee

    it's honestly sad to see you think that way about the community. of course, it's up to you if you really want to be a staff member, or just fuck around.
  3. About the upcoming update...

    No specific dead-line, but hopefully this week. I'm hoping to finish a lot of things tonight.
  4. A possibly useful suggestion

    will be setup soon.
  5. if it lags my dev server, then no, but also keep in mind that you have codes.
  6. Cya

    I don't understand why you keep returning with post's like this? Anyways, cya.
  7. Bye hyplex.

    perma is perma although the fact that you've admitted to your mistakes is good.
  8. happy new year, long live the tradition
  9. New Jobs are needed

    I've spoke to you ingame about this. It's something I would have to speak with drizzy about, as I don't know what's staying, and going yet (I don't have the new server yet). Although, these job's may prove use.
  10. I'm Back (Once Again)

    Welcome back!
  11. [Forum Idea] Reputation Titles

    ^ rep spam isn't an issue with the limit, but it would be a nice thing for user's to work for. ^ it's just adding a small feature to the forums, plus it's already setup just not implemented. I'll think about it, but I would need some good names, possibly related to hyplex.
  12. Wanted by the police

    this may be added next update. I'll most likely fit this in.
  13. Marauders & Pro Marauders

    this should be done? @Dylan let me know if it isnt.
  14. US server req :o

    added to list of ideas on asana. although it is a interesting style idea, but the currency will of course-stay the same