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  1. Sorry....bye

    Execute order 66. xD. Yes my Lord
  2. Sorry....bye

    Aww now I can't warn you a tonne for breaking every rule. but bye
  3. [White] Crime [Black] Scene's Staff App

    Welcome again to Barry's long responses! I shall be analyzing this application bit by bit. Firstly, You're missing an end bracket and it is annoying me. This is not a bad thing but it doesn't really apply to a massively public server. It still means you know the basics of a server and possibly some commands. Not many problems other than I suggest expanding on some points. You don't expand on how you will make "this server a fair and fun experience for everybody". You just stating something without anything to back it up. This doesn't show how you are better than others like the question asks. A lot* not allot. I'm just being nit-picky. Again, the question is asking for why you would be a better choice than others. You are not saying how you are going to make people have a nicer experience. You could say something like `taking many sits, helping out many people, being nice to everyone. These are just some examples. No examples are given. You are just stating the NLR rule, not giving any RP example like it wants. Like 27_Genders said, you haven't learnt from your mistake. @TJ123 and @FSClutch would be nice if you could confirm this. Negatives: You were continuously calling someone a "faggot" over OOC. Seems slightly immature. This was mainly covered by @Rugglez so I will quote him. I was a witness to the "faggot" calling and reference begging. Summary: Seems alright, there aren't many fillers like others said. It is just you saying how the server would be better if you were staff without saying how you could help out. Expand on your points. Also, there were those negatives I listed/quoted. Sorry for being extremely nit-picky. However, we do need more US staff as it is mostly UK staff who can't come on at US times. ~Love from Boa Constrictor Barry xoxo
  4. A possibly useful suggestion

    @Frazer° This esta fixed now! look in staff chat in discord.
  5. Cya

    cant be arsed to type so ill steal Freezy's
  6. eNraged

  7. Bye hyplex.

    ^^ I replied immaturely to this. Bye, like others said, at least you apoliagised.
  8. eNraged

  9. Unblock buttons and keypads from spawning in advanced duplications

    Im pretty sure its them having to be entities of sorts and you may be able to spawn other entities with adv dupe if u saved it from other servers. I think, I'm not 100% sure tho. Just a theory, a button/keypads after spawning a base dupe theory. ~Boa Constrictor Barry
  10. eNraged

    VV ^^ u took the words out of my mouth
  11. Bartender Job?

    Yeah it would be useless but it will add an extra layer of RP to the server and people can make these bars or a club something like that and add some RP to the server so its not all about raiding bases. It will also add another job for people to make money. Laws can be added against alcohol and bars might have to fend against police and sell booze illegally. Just my opinion on the situation and suggestion. ~Love from Boa Constrictor Barry
  12. Down for Maintenance.

    don't correct me. (joke, don't take it seriously) Yeah, I guess so. Didn't think about it
  13. Down for Maintenance.

    lol anyway like elite said, it just needed a video and people from his fan base will come and tell their friends. It was pretty cool as is maybe some changes would be cool. (haven't play on it much so I hope these changes are for development of the server). Furthermore, the player base can be small as not many people like serious RP like StarWarsRP and as they may not know much about it, they might feel deterred away from it. atm tho, it seems quite good and even though these changes might be for the good, please don't ruin the server. Just listing some things that pop into my head - this is extremely unstructured and me rambling. This person specialised in updated the server monthly sounds "dope" as the cool kids say (whip whip) (dab dab) and will help further the server. And, well that Christmas update seems to be coming Christmas 2018. I'm joking, I rather it takes time and not be rushed, seems massive and I understand the amount of stress you guys deal with. Can't wait for it and fingers crossed that the SWRP server lives. *grabs defibrillator* *shouts clear* *defib does electric* the first charge failed, let's hope this is the second charge that revives the server. Wtf was that^^ ~Love from Boa Constrictor Barry xoxo
  14. What's going on

    everyone seems to like you. So u seem good even though I have no experience with you. If Drizzy trusts you, I trust you. ~Love from Boa Constrictor Barry
  15. STAFF Complaint Directed To Rugglez

    @AdamTheFilthy, I'm sorry, if a staff member breaks such a simple basic rule and important rule, they deserve to be strikes or a demotion. It seems that he didn't break NLR from what everyone is saying though.