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  1. ...

    You only have 2 posts not including replies to your own posts.
  2. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    Ik, we are always there to approve your posts Ubobz!
  3. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    +1 (Fuck Indian mafia)
  4. Things that should be added to hyplex darkrp

    no as I believe that can be used to spawn other entities/ crash the server which we don't want
  5. Things that should be added to hyplex darkrp

    There is an update coming out so this list will probably change.
  6. dogs or cats?

    Cats r dumb
  7. Rugglez Incredibly Late Introduction

    Nice meme. Looked at this but never responded because I don't like Rugglez But hello, not much to say, and of course WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!
  8. Share your steam library

    Firstly, UNKNOWN LINK! Secondly, here's mine Or, just hit my steam up you lazy fuck
  9. Trial moderator application

    +Support: Is active Good application Good understanding of RDM, NLR, RDA, ARDM Meets all requirements (aka not going to say you "Barely hit the word count" as you hit the requirement) -Support: I haven't really seen how you are in game but you don't seem to be liked by the community (called immature by 2 staff members is not the best for your staff application) Joke -support: Bad jokes
  10. Poll about my name!

    Am I the only person that voted no lol
  11. <3 you Sanity (please no arrest me for being a pedophile!) You're a great guy as well and no problem for the help, it's what I do.
  12. What is a Birb, Snek and other animals

    Im a snek
  13. Dep Man Introduction

    hey babes , welcome
  14. PsychoPeq leaving

    Bye psycho, your memes will always be remembered
  15. hey