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  1. Tis man has Biggest PP in town!

  2. Crime Scene

    P.T Weekly base GIVEAWAY

    ty bb
  3. .FAT aF bro.

  4. Crime Scene

    P.T Weekly base GIVEAWAY

    Welcome to the weekly base giveaway! Hosted by Phantom Troup. The following are the steps in order to possibly win the giveaway! 1: You must leave a comment about what you think of the base 2: Leave a reaction on this entry 3: You must DM me on Discord @Aughor#9094 4: You have to join this discord channel https://discord.gg/caU3c82 5: Sometime tomorrow I will announce the winners in discord, there will only be 2 The pictures below is what you might just win
  5. Crime Scene

    The Stalker (EXTRA PROPS 2)

    Welcome to the STALKER. This base offers multiple angles to shoot out from. I've added a few personal touches to it as well. Oh and this is the first post to my base building blogs, keep in mind, if I do any sort of give away for my bases. You may not take credit in them, you have to add Eden on it or ~Crime Scene~. That's just so you don't take credit for any of my bases. And If I catch you doing so, you will not be liable to obtain anymore bases, neither will you have a chance to join EDEN. Anyways, this base is an extra props 2 base. In order for you to spawn it in, you need that to your purchases. If you do not, just try to participate in my other bases that do not have extra props. Here are some images of my base.