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  1. SubZero

    -Accepted- contact me or @Tes7 in game welcome to subzero @Elite_Pancakes
  2. More emoticons

  3. SubZero

  4. dedtusc's Application

    -support never seen in game bad word count
  5. SubZero

    -Denied- @gamer78 minge cant spell and overall noob
  6. I’m sorry.

    management meaning mod
  7. I’m sorry.

    maybe you should read the rules be becoming management
  8. mc server

    No Mincraft We need roblox duh
  9. Mr.ηooβ's Application for eNraged

    would he be accepted?
  10. Mr.ηooβ's Application for eNraged

    your suppost to put it the enraged section
  11. SubZero

    ----Accepted---- Welcome to the ranks of subzero contact me in game
  12. Staff Complaint - Reidyy

    To be honest he doesn't deserve to be demoted it's literally a warn not a ban or kick
  13. SubZero

    -Accepted- @bmxhank, but for your friend this time... Please contact @Darktincan or @Tes7 in game for an invite, and welcome to the ranks of SubZero
  14. SubZero

    -kicked- for reason: theif and untrustworthy
  15. Banned for a reason not banable

    it is in the format