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  1. Hello!!!

    Introduction: Hello members of Hyplex! I had been planning to come on and play fora while but I just never did. I have seen YouTubers play Hyplex (not just Elite) and it looked fun so Finally I decided to come and join the community once and for all! Steam Related: I'm known as Wolfy, or Wolfy268 on Minecraft and Steam but I've had a lot of names in the past. I also have my main and original name, LifeGames. If you want to add my steam go ahead I would love to meet some new people! My main game I like to play is Garry's Mod (clearly) and I may in my spare time come off and play some other games like Minecraft, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and I am starting to get into WarFrame. I've been playing Garry's Mod for just over 4 years now, and I've got a combined amount of 2k hours. I don't only just play DarkRP I also play: Deathrun - One of the first games I have ever played. DarkRP - The newest gamemode I have gotten into TTT - My second gamemode I played and I owned a server ^.^ Flood - Loved it I loved to build boats and flotation devices and such! Prophunt - I played this with friends and some family members, always enjoyable! Murder - Same as prophunt. Don't like as much Experiences: DarkRP - RetributionRP - Mod DarkRP - NortleRP - SuperAdmin (SHUTDOWN - Owner Quit) DarkRP - RivalsRP - SuperAdmin (SHUTDOWN - Owner Got Bored) TTT - WTT - Owner (SHUTDOWN - Wasn't Popular) ^^ Previous Experiences as Staff Extra Information: I am from Texas. I am Male. My birthday is on December, 28 2004, I am currently 12 and turning 13 in a couple weeks. I code as a hobby, both websites and in GarrysMod I love the HarryPotter series!