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  1. kermit broke a rule

    It said "Hit aborted! The target has died" and then this "Hit by Kermit Complete" So I'm confused And the 2 bit Don't even know why did Tes7 because I didn't see anything funny And I love your breathing but for me I would think it was RDM
  2. t.mod

    Yo I want to say this is a wrong section, as you wanted to apply for dark RP here's the link https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/forum/28-staff-applications/ And 2 I think you lying, as I don't know you from MS, And I legit just now asked 2 of my friends who were also in MS If they know you or seen you and they said no, but you know if you say so 3 this is a wrong template, use this one
  3. Master Sean's Staff Application

    +Support All reason stated above Regards [SWRP Jeff] [Dark RP MyNameIsJeff]
  4. LionsDen's Fleet App

    Oh god what can I start off +Massive Rep Nice guy Seen him in the game and he gets along with other players with no problem No reason why he would not become a fleet Friendly Great Commander- That could also help him ordering Clones/Troopers The only mistakes are the word count but I think that would be fixed
  5. Steven's Fleet Application

    I’m on my phone so ignore my grammar cheers +1 nice guy seen him on the server and helps a lot Know what to do when we are being atacked regsrds Jeff
  6. Kuikentjes Fleet

    Too lazy too write the reasons*
  7. 27_genders TEP

    +Support Great RP Staff app looks nice Did see him in the game a he is a nice dude and a helpful man as well Regards Jeff
  8. Defcons and battlestations

    Elite defcon? and cheers for the comment guys
  9. Defcons and battlestations

    We should add Defcon and battle station so it would make the server more RP and it would not be boring [the server is not boring but if you write "Troopers stay on alert" it] It just waste of time The people who could say that Defcon should I think are SGTM-Sergeant Major Defcon 5-Everything is calm. Defcon 4- Staff Should be on alert Defcon 3- Battlestations Defcon 2-System Damaged Defcon 1-Evacuating
  10. Kuikentjes Fleet

    +1 All reasons stated Above Too lazy to write the sorry