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  1. dedtusc's Trial Mod Application

    -support Application is very low-effort Never seen in-game
  2. More emoticons

  3. jason

    i've noticed that staff trained by jason end up being great staff. i swear it's witchcraft
  4. Jackk

    jackk is chill and is a great developer. he's our slave now
  5. More emoticons

    like and :thatcat:
  6. Economy reset?

    People with a lot of money grinded the hell out of weed and moonshine just so they can roleplay the way they want to. Resetting the money takes away all that hard work & dedication. I feel like a lot of players would quit. Definitely a controversial vote edit: Vote only lasted 30 mins ok....
  7. our boboerz is big gay

  8. mc server

    it's not roblox its
  9. mc server

    the only thing I play minecraft for is to hack and watch everyone get pissed off.
  10. Staff complain

    he doesn't seem to understand, that's why
  11. Staff complain

    I didn't refuse to let you speak to a higher-up, I asked Large, who was the highest rank at the time, and he didn't respond. Must have been AFK. Other than that, I concluded that the situation was not RDM and you kept making duplicate sits because you weren't content with my verdict. You were told multiple times to stop doing it, and then Large gave you a warning for abuse of report system.
  12. Gmod Errors Fix

    admin he just installed an xray texture pack
  13. I broke the forums

    Lmao drizzy
  14. dhobart2006s staff app

    -support Too many warns for playtime No staff references No examples for RDM, NLR, RDA Doesn't fit the age requirement BTW you posted this 3 times