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  1. Error / Missing Texture

    Don't be dumb. Search for the Group of, go to the addons and install then.
  2. Brads Base Business

    What kind of base do you want? The 500K One. (Please mind that I am an Italian Mafia Member.) Do you want any extra printer racks or miner racks? Yes. 5 Nuclear Printers, and 5 Miner Racks. Do you want a simple or complex design? Complex Design. Where on the Map would you like this base? In that Red Warehouse, in front of a Tunnel with an end. When is the latest you will accept your base? Idk, Probably When it gets built.
  3. Italian Mafia ~ Applications

    IGN: TechnologicalNicolas Steam username/ID: TechnologicalNicolas/STEAM_1:0:169626063 Discord Name: TechnologicalNicolas#1399 Server Playtime: 400+ hours In-Game Cash: 15K Amount of In-Game Warns: 1 Are you good at building: Medium Are you good at raiding: Medium Any Past Experiences in organizations (If so who and how was the experience.): N/A. But I Hope to make some here. Why should you and how can you help the Italian Mafia out (min 75words): With my Printers/Bitminers Setup, It Would Help The Italian Mafias, And I Could Teach Then Some Stuff. Do you understand stealing and betraying us will result in you being kicked?: Yes. Do you understand you can be removed from the clan without reasoning?: No. Have you ever been banned from the server?: Nope. Please write 55 words and a bit about how you run on the server: The First Thing I Do Is build a Base. Setup the Bitminers/Printers. Second. Get some people to base with me. (Meth cooks/Moonshine cooks/Marauders) Third, Make Money and Defend the Base. Fourth, Raid some Bases and Explore the Server. Five, Hang out with Friends. That's How I Run on the server.
  4. Hyplex Original™

    In Game Name: TechnologicalNicolas Age: 15 Playtime: 400+ Hours How much cash do you have?: 150K Which server do you play on the most?: [US] What are you good at?(Building / Raiding / Defending): Raiding How many warnings do you have?: 1 Why do you want to join us?(25 word minimum): Because This Is a Good Org, And I Like it. Why should we accept you?(25 word minimum): Because I'm Respectful, I Have Skills And I Used To Be A Member of Valentino/Alpha.
  5. Alpha

    In Game name: TechnologicalNicolas Age: 15 How can you benefit Alpha (25 words Min): By Respecting the HRs, Raiding Bases And Helping Alpha. Are you good at typing: Yes. Do you have a mic: Yes. But I'm Bad at Spelling So I Prefer Speaking By Chat. In game hours you can do this in game by /playtime name: 18+ Days. Do you have discord: Main: TechnologicalNicolas#1399 | Alt: Handle#4428 What are your skills (3 Min): When The Player Is in the 2ND Floor and I Am at the 1ST Floor picklocking, I Can See the player's Shadow. Knowing if hes Going down Or if hes Moving. That's All.
  6. [CLOSED]Valentino

    Steam Name: (G.E.W.P) TechnoProGaminG [Name] Playtime: 100+ Hours (TechnoProGaminG) [!playtime (name)] Balance: 150K At the Moment. [Your money]
  7. New Jobs

    Add New Jobs/Improve Money-Making... ETC. Vape: You Can Smoke Vapes Now, There are 3 Types of Vapes: Vape (Doesn't do Anything, You Just Vape.) - Medicinal Vape (When your Hurt, It Heals you While you are Vaping.) - Juicy Vape (This is a Dank Vape. Its Rainbow the Smoke and it Makes you go Dank!) Vape Salesman: This guy is the Guy That Sells Vapes, and is a Specialist at Vapes. (He Sells Vapes, Medicinal Vapes, and Juicy Vapes.) Miner: Its a Guy That Mines Ores, There are 15+ Types of These. (Coal/Bronze/Copper/Silver/Iron/Amethyst/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/DiscordNite/Gold/Diamond/Azure/Uranium/The Garry's Ore) And 2 Useless Things. (Dirt/Stone) Additional: (Oil/Lava) The rarity/Prices of the Ores: -Coal: Common | 100$ -Bronze: Common | 200$ -Copper: Common | 350$ -Silver: Uncommon | 500$ -Iron: Uncommon | 650$ -Amethyst: Rare | 750$ -Sapphire: Rare | 900$ -Ruby: Rare | 1050$ -Emerald: Expensive | 1500$ -DiscordNite: Expensive | 1650$ -Gold: Expensive | 1750$ -Diamond: Expensive | 1900$ -Azure: Legendary | 2500$ -Uranium: Legendary | 3500$ -The Garry's Ore: Super-Legendary | 1M (1,000,000) The Rarity of these 4 Things: -Dirt: Very Useless | 0$ -Stone: Useless | 5$ -Oil: Uncommon |150$ -Lava: Rare | 500$ Mine Depth: 0 To 350. Mine Location: Am Place that has a Dead End... A Place that Almost No One Uses... A place Where It has Never Been Claimed... Oil/Lava Salesman: It's a Guy That You Give him The Oil/Lava Barrels, And he Will Give you the Money. Prices Above. Ore Salesman: Give him The Ores and you Will Be Paid. The Prices have Already Listened Above.!