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  1. Warn Appeal Regarding Startback

    Next time screenshot the actual chat, because console chat can be faked.
  2. Sorry....bye

    Next time you should play fair Aidan, bye.
  3. -SUPPORT -Gets toxic quick, -4 warnings(i would say too many in my opinion), That means you don't have any staff experience; you should put in "no" (I don't think private servers should count; "I simply fool around it"), Not a way to "roll" on Hyplex. My overall opinion is -NEGATIVE, but good luck.
  4. eNraged

    1.Your in-game name: Lil Life 2.Age: 15 3. Playtime: 160 Hours 4. Where are you coming from?: Slovenia 5. Tell us something about yourself: I am a guy that has a ugly girlfriend 6. Why do you think we should give you a chance?: idk....I am good i guess....and i like turtles 7. Do you promise to follow all Hyplex & eNraged rules?: Yes daddy
  5. I'm Back (Once Again)

    Welcome back Jackerino
  6. What's going on

    Jackk congratz on this promotion. And keep up the good work <3
  7. M3RKDART Staff App

    -SUPPORT - Never seen ingame, - Could have spent more time on the application, - Not that active on forums.
  8. Raytox

    So i just wanted to compliment @Raytox. He is doing such a good work, specially with sits. He has been helping me sort out reports and helping the community out. He is taking sits non-stop and is really a big + to the staff team. Glad to have you Ray.
  9. Valentino

    ACCEPTED Contact a admin/mentor ingame!
  10. Frazers Forum Admin app

    +SUPPORT + nice helpful person + knows the rules + grammar is nice + true, he is on the forums more time then on the server. - post looks rushed. Good luck from me bro <3
  11. Promotions and farewells 17/12/17

    Congrats to everyone. <3
  12. Ya boi is back

    Welcome back to the community.
  13. RealPikachu's Application

    -SUPPORT I think you should first play on the server and then apply for staff again. But you sound like a nice person. Good luck.
  14. Valentino

    ACCEPTED Welcome bro
  15. Level system

    This would be cool. I like the idea Freezy.