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  1. yo elite you know when you played on visca gaming downtown the video was called rc-xd or something I was the hit man who said you need a someone's neck cut lol

    1. UnknowN


      not downtown I mean evo city


      love the vids bae


  2. Best youtuber ever


  3. Goodbye Guys

    Best of luck in the army Scott! Wish you all the best mate 🌴😝
  4. elite i need help i cant join the server it says missing map maps/rp_downtown_v4c_h1.bsp


  5. Please look at my ban appeal


  6. i was going around asking if people could help me learn more on the server and somebody was like type //n***** he told me letter by letter and i really wanted to learn so eager to be given information i did what i was told and it didn't work so i waited 2 seconds before i was banned :1


    at least i have your vids <3

  7. Hey Elite Is Their Any Way To Get Rid Of My Warns mebey Donating Or Something

  8. Hey elite, I was a tmod but I was in the hospital the last month and I lost my rank in game and on the forums, If you can do anything to help that would be great! Thank you.






  10. kShop Suggestion

    The issue with this is, if we add said option to the !shop, I could see a lot of players seeing it as Pay To Win
  11. Why I chose Dylan

    Couldn't have said it better, we welcome @Dylan to his new role and I personally look forward to taking Hyplex to the next level!
  12. Report against EliteStudio

    It's my server... I can do what I want
  13. Report against EliteStudio

    At the end of the day it's my server I can do as I please & you trying to get me 'demoted' isn't possible because I call the shots round here. If you didn't already know, some things are done for 'production value' I don't know what boring fucker would enjoy watching me go around playing and completely following every single rule as it's pretty boring if you ask me. Let me just note that all of your points are really weak and it's sad that you've even put this much time into writing such a pointless post that will result in nothing. Better luck next time chap😊
  14. Stepping aside for others.

    Doc you're an OG man. You will will always remain the 'Dad Of Hyplex' 🙏 you've definitely played a big part in making Hyplex what it is today so I will always be very grateful for that! Will be definitely good to have on Hyplex whenever you have time on your hands👉 - EliteStudio 🌴