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  1. I love youre vids how do i apply for staff (Questonmark) somethings up with my keyboard

  2. how do i get unbanned


    1. Dillon


      Make a unban request.

  3. love the vids how i can see you somtime

  4. elite i love you videos and im a big fan but i want to be an admin and i dont no how to do it if you could pls put me as an admin



    love you content bye

  5. Ohh.. Didn’t know you could do this.

  6. yo elite you know when you played on visca gaming downtown the video was called rc-xd or something I was the hit man who said you need a someone's neck cut lol

    1. UnknowN


      not downtown I mean evo city


      love the vids bae


  7. Best youtuber ever


  8. elite i need help i cant join the server it says missing map maps/rp_downtown_v4c_h1.bsp


    1. spike mine

      spike mine

      i got banned bast on the NLR but they was a problem with this becase some player where killing me in spawn and RDMing me so i coude not leve the spawn so no mater what i did i was unable to move from spawn 


      FrezZ tp me to him and i was in a stat of mid because if rdming and then he froze me then strat up band me with out lining to what i had to say


  9. Please look at my ban appeal


  10. i was going around asking if people could help me learn more on the server and somebody was like type //n***** he told me letter by letter and i really wanted to learn so eager to be given information i did what i was told and it didn't work so i waited 2 seconds before i was banned :1


    at least i have your vids <3

  11. Hey Elite Is Their Any Way To Get Rid Of My Warns mebey Donating Or Something