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  1. how do i get unbanned


  2. love the vids how i can see you somtime

  3. What's going on

    We are going to excel this shit my friend.
  4. About the upcoming update...

    Yeah the update is gonna be ? guys
  5. elite i love you videos and im a big fan but i want to be an admin and i dont no how to do it if you could pls put me as an admin



    love you content bye

  6. Hi

    Welcome back Beecow! Good to have you here ?
  7. Wassss uppp

    Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here on Hyplex ? - EliteStudio
  8. Hello.

    Welcome Bigwhal! Glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy your time on Hyplex ?
  9. PsychoPeq here :)

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  10. Hello!

    Welcome to the community Casual! Glad you have enjoyed your time here so far & we hope you continue to do so. Please let staff know if you need help with anything ?
  11. Hello my guys

    Welcome back to Hyplex! Hope you enjoy your time on the server ?
  12. It's ya boi

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