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  1. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    STEAM_1:1:31563172 STEAM_1:1:31563172 STEAM_1:1:31563172 STEAM_1:1:31563172 STEAM_1:1:31563172
  2. Invictum

    IGN (Steam Name) : AhMaD JaLaL IRL Age :10 Why do you want to join us :bcz im god bes defendr i have 2 bazooka and 1 ak How often do you play on Hyplex : i pley 22 hrs cz im no have life im pley 24/7 hypixel good server pls akcept Your total !playtime :911
  3. Roasting

  4. My Ban Appeal

    Use the template: And State what you have done letter by letter.
  5. Star warned me for Disrespect

    I was on duty spectating a guy named CJEZ and then he talks about me and some other staff member and then you jump saying "Star is a bitch" so i didn't like that so i warned you. Do not even try to use fake words to get out of the situation. Lying is not nice, but when it comes to a person saying "bitch" to another person this is something that you're not involved in and you do not have the right to punish them, maybe they are friend and they are joking you know.. If you see someone calling another person a "bitch" doesn't mean you can appeal your warn or tell me to warn them. Wonder why it took you more than a month to make a warn appeal? To find an excuse? We both know you accepted it and kept waiting to find an excuse to appeal it,but trust me this is not getting anywhere. Do you even know what happened or you just wanna throw some words and leave?
  6. Mr.ηooβ's Application for eNraged

    You need to reply to the topic with your application..That's how it works.
  7. Warn Appeal?

  8. eNraged

    Use the application format + question number 4 = your country,not your previous gang..
  9. Ban Appeal

  10. eNraged

    Poor application ?
  11. ban appel

  12. Warn Appeal Regarding Startback

    Not gonna talk too much or cause a pointless argument im gonna reply once and leave. Unprofessional,baised person.You can say whatever you want.All i remember is i raided you and then i died several times even tho i changed my job to citizen..went on duty and i see a hitman comes to me while i was handling a report and kills me in a fact that you placed the hit after 20 mins of my death while i was raiding your base and if you are going to say the hit was placed long time ago i would say i died like 7 times and if the it was placed that long it would've been cancalled because i died and i dont understand why are you asking everyone about a reason for placing a hit..this is the second time i tell you,placing a hit depends on the RP situation you're facing if you dont have a reason or you dont need to place a hit then dont even talk to a hitman.Have a nice day! PLUS:I don't see any clear evidence all i see is me warning you..
  13. eNraged

    Use the application format:-
  14. eNraged

    This is not a chat ffs,go chat somewhere else.
  15. Good Bye

    Good luck ya habibi <3