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  1. ban appel

  2. Warn Appeal Regarding Startback

    Not gonna talk too much or cause a pointless argument im gonna reply once and leave. Unprofessional,baised person.You can say whatever you want.All i remember is i raided you and then i died several times even tho i changed my job to citizen..went on duty and i see a hitman comes to me while i was handling a report and kills me in a fact that you placed the hit after 20 mins of my death while i was raiding your base and if you are going to say the hit was placed long time ago i would say i died like 7 times and if the it was placed that long it would've been cancalled because i died and i dont understand why are you asking everyone about a reason for placing a hit..this is the second time i tell you,placing a hit depends on the RP situation you're facing if you dont have a reason or you dont need to place a hit then dont even talk to a hitman.Have a nice day! PLUS:I don't see any clear evidence all i see is me warning you..
  3. Not a big fan of the +/- support thingy but i don't think you're the right person for this responsibility but anyways good luck. TJ is a trial mod btw.
  4. eNraged

    Use the application format:-
  5. eNraged

    This is not a chat ffs,go chat somewhere else.
  6. Good Bye

    Good luck ya habibi <3
  7. Bye hyplex.

    😂 But the big problem is we have a kiddo saying "they deserve another chance".
  8. eNraged

    UK + US Introduction eNraged was created by ๖ۣۣۜStartback on the 5th of December, 2017. And we decided to make it public. - We've come a long way since we've first started eNraged in different servers/Games, and have been through the nessecary.We've handled a lot of applications and have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of wonderful people in the process.We thank you all all for that! eNraged was created with a goal. That goal was to become a serious organisation with loyal & mature members. eNraged has alot of different bases everywhere.We have strict requirements that are maintained to keep our memberbase limited to the people that meet these requirements. you will see our members playing both criminal and cop-side, aswell as playing the civilian jobs. Our memberbase consists mainly of veteran Hyplex players that have been around for atleast over a month,But highely experienced Roleplayers. We have been around for a long time and can instantly see if a certain player meets these requirements. If we think a person does meet these requirements and they want to join, we don't hesitate for a second. If you fit in according to our requirements and according to us, you're in. Simple as that. If we think you don't meet the requirements, it may become quite a challenge to get in, but nothing is impossible. Rules 1. Follow the server rules. 2. Follow eNraged rules. 3. Follow orders from eNraged leaders. 4. Be respectful towards everyone. 5. If you have problems with another member, report it to an HQ. 6. Do not ask for promotions, not even as a joke. 7. Do not slack. 8. Always protect your group mates and the base from raiders. 9. Avoid talking in ooc chat in any kind of arguments. 10. We are a very serious organisation and childish behaviour will not be tolerated. You can joke and everything, but never cross the line. 11. Letting people enter our base is prohibited, ask an HQ for permission. 12. Speak only English in the clan chat. 13. Always stay in touch with our allies and help them out where possible. 14. If you're going to be inactive longer than 7 days you have to talk to one of the leaders. 15. Common sense is a must. Recruitment Rules 1. Do not ask us to check your application. 2. Do not copy your old application or from somebody else. 3. Do not break the server rules. 4. Do not break eNraged rules. 5. Do not asslick. 6. If your application was rejected, you can re-apply in 1 week. 7. You must type English fluently. 8. You must have a Discord account where we could add you to eNraged group chat. 9. You must be mature and serious. 10. Do not provide fake information. Application Format Application Results NOTE: If you have been Denied please don't spam HQ with 'Why?' just apply after 1 week is over without saying a word. If you do spam HQ with 'Why' you will be put on the BLACKLIST. ACCEPTED LIST DENIED LIST BLACK LIST Member List F.A.Q Q:What do i do if i got accepted? A:PM one of the leaders on forums/discord with your custom rank name. Q:What do i do if i got denied? A:Re-Apply after 1 week. Q:What do i do if i got blacklisted? A:Pray. Q:Are we allied with another organisation? A:Yes we are with valentino. NOTE: do not comment with "good luck" or "Invite me pls" drop a like you like the topic and if you wanna join apply.
  9. What is the addons

  10. EMGaming

    Good job @EMgaming
  11. Staff Complaint - Castino

  12. Staff compliment reidyy

    I see that @Reidyyy {Toby is a good person/Staff member.. Keep it up my friend.
  13. lushizzles admin aplication

    The right section https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/forum/28-staff-applications/ The right template
  14. Warn Appeal

  15. Startback false warned me

    I know your kind,sneaking on others to do any small mistakes so you can take them off their positions.. As i said,You can't kill whoever you want and i was literally outside the pd holding a corn with my physgun and you came to me and shot me in the face.I repeat,Since i can't counter why would you kill me ? i wasn't even in the pd and i actually can't find a point of making these reports you're just wasting the managers time and ruining your image,i'm just surprised that you were a staff member. . . . AH MAN,YOU STILL DON'T BELIEVE ME ?I'M I STILL WRONG AFTER WHAT I JUST SAID?? FUCK