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  1. RealPikoo's T-mod application num 2

    Very good guy you should accept him.
  2. New theme?

    If this is implemented, dont let viction touch it or else our forums are gonna break again.
  3. DJ Piit's Mod Application

    I dont know what Im supposed to do about this you silly goose.
  4. Why hasnt this been accepted yet?
  5. Matt's DarkRP Trial-Mod App

    You're trying to say you are going to spend 60% of a full week (100 hours he said he can play/168 hours in a week) on the server?
  6. Crime Scene's T-mod Application

    Its not a good thing for an ex staff to have -7 forum rep and an even worse look to have a staff member have that rep. You also just appeared today roughly 4 hours ago back into the community (Discord + Forums).
  7. the truth


    *Says hes not arguing while he argues*
  9. Event announcements

    This is a solid idea. But the forums would be eh as not everyone has that open but the discord sounds good.
  10. Rugglez Resignation

    I dont know.
  11. Rugglez Resignation

    Dont bother talking to me again
  12. Rugglez Resignation

    If you do you're dead to me forever please don't man that's the only thing I hold dear anymore.
  13. Rugglez Resignation

    I have hit maximum reactions so I can't anymore. Much sorry.
  14. Hello, this is my formal resignation from the Hyplex. I have thought about this for a long time and I feel if now is a good time for me. I take much time out of my day to check discord and talk to people when I should be studying or doing homework. I've lost a lot of interest in GMOD. The only reason I was staying was to play on SWRP but sadly, we have little to no player base and in my opinion, I doubt it ever will. I like to think I have had a good run. I gave a lot to the server. After a small break of GMOD and after finals, I might come back as a staff member and have a good time. I would, however, like to keep my rank as Kit-Fisto on SWRP as I will still try my best to play there as a User, not a staff. I have no beef with any player so it has nothing to do with that. I am only leaving for the sole purpose that I don't enjoy it. So if I don't mention you down below, I don't dislike you, we just never got close. @willamduffy - Thank you for training me as a T-Mod in DRP. You gave me Forum Senior Admin -> Forum Co-Manager and thank you so much for that opportunity. I hope I did you well. @UberZ and @Dylan - Thank you guys for helping me when I needed it. You guys play bickering in staff chat was always super funny and a highlight of my day. @Dillon - Thanks for talking to me on occasion about random shit. Much love @Large - Thanks for letting me help you as much as I could with SWRP. I really hope you guys get a good player base and I want you to have a successful server. /me Salutes to Grand Admiral Large. @Cryption - We bickered a lot but you were always a good guy. I wish you the best of luck with Crident and I hope you do Hyplex well. Good job on SWRP amigo. @slothy - Send me your address and next Christmas, I'll send you the best American cheese grater we have to offer. Good damn job on SWRP. and @jackk - You guys have made a damn good community. But, this update needs to come out @Jason - Let's play some Roblox Prison Break soon. You too UberZ @TJ123 - You are the biggest gay there is my friend. I highly suggest this man gets Senior Admin or higher. Best US staff member there is. @Gummie - You are big gay as well. My steam ID is STEAM_0:0:101006524 so you guys can remove my roles on servers. Thank you all so much for this great time in the community and I wish it nothing but the best of luck! (P.S. I wont be making a rival server so don't worry.)