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  1. Getting to know players

    I have big gay.
  2. 3 Years :/

    Yeah man I dont think we are that bad
  3. Roasting

    I hope you do. (Jk plz dont I love and respect you. This was is the name of the game.)
  4. Roasting

    I have a ragingly fast metabolism so its incredibly hard for me to gain fat you silly aussie boy.
  5. Roasting

    I hope you box a kangaroo and get knocked out then eaten by the wildlife of the Outback. There bitch boy now you’re above me.
  6. Roasting

    GayberZ has a small penis and his mom thinks he likes the people that identify as the same gender as him.
  7. Old report system

    Anything would be better than this +1
  8. jason

    Yeah I was gonna say how false this is but UberZ said it already.
  9. Hi!

  10. dedtusc's Application

    Is this for DRP or SWRP? You used and posted the SWRP application but SWRP has been dead and ive seen you on DRP.
  11. Jackk

    And Rice
  12. HELP

  13. our boboerz is big gay

    This is called entrapment and its illegal