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  1. 27_gendera fleet application

    +Support * Good Friend * Good staff * Knows everything Would be a great addition to the Fleet command:)
  2. Bye hyplex.

    Sad to see you go man! Ill admit you are a douchebag for hacking But the fact that you man up and actually make a post stating you knew what you did wrong instead of the typical "imma hack and gtfo" kinda guy Respect to you.. Next time though, if you find a community you like. Dont hack, you ruin the experience of progression and discovery for yourself and others!!
  3. What's going on

    Ice cream U rock!
  4. TheMeeMeeMachine's staff app

    -SUPPORT * NLR definition isnt right. * Grammatical Errors * Formatting could be better - Spacing mainly. Good Luck!
  5. Warn Appeal

    @IQuickDropNoobz Use this format and edit your application, im gonna give you 12 hours before this gets locked & moved to resolved
  6. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    Thanks <3 This guy gets it
  7. Frazer's Forum Admin app

    +Support Forums could use another admin ever since kuik left the forum admin team!
  8. You were trying to ... what? Bait?.. What do you mean you tried to bait anyone
  9. There's no need to get upset. And yes i can understand you not being taught grammar properly but that really isn't our fault. I can recommend "Grammarly" its a program which corrects your grammatical mistakes. By the way, getting upset is a very bait trait and wont help you in any way to achieve your rank
  10. Thats where you are wrong, for the staff team to be presented profesionally grammar is a big but not huge part of the job. We know who the community manager is? we work for him. And yes we do need to point it out as its a fault in your application Good luck!
  11. -SUPPORT * Very poor Grammar all throughout the application - * Need at least two staff references higher than Tmod The rest has been stated by Frazer Good luck!
  12. I wona be a staff

    @whiteshadow Please used the linked format Above!! Thanks^^
  13. CT Commander Snow's / Fleet Application

    Tanks so much <3
  14. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    If you read the post (sometimes they would go on ships to Guard Padawans and masters). They are gonna act like bodyguards to the jedi padawans and masters if they get hurt in combat, they are gonna be guarding the jedi bunks.
  15. Frazer

    Locked / Moved Failure to use Template ^^ Template linked above