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  1. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    DENIED. Unfortunately at this point in time, I've decided to deny your application on the grounds that you have put little to no effort into your application, also provided incorrect references. You may reapply in a minimum of 2 weeks.
  2. Suggestion

    Not happening at this stage.
  3. Frazer,psychopeg and the "I dont know how to moderator"

    @dreamcheater2 See you later, we don't give refunds especially to those as rude as yourself, I would suggest that if you do come back after your long ban that you fix your behavior and act like a adult. I also want to point out a little discrepancy in your response; The previous statement (literally)
  4. Break for 2-3 weeks

    Alright, see you then!
  5. I love Lucky

    Telling people to make compliments on you just defeats the purpose of them.
  6. Blueberry

    ACCEPTED. Blue will be reassigned to moderator again as it's evident that he's not ready for Admin at the moment, you need to revise the ban length documents given to you. With that out of the way I just want to quickly say that i'm kind of disappointed I am with some staff, commenting extremely rude things on here, I know that Blue has made errors but openly stating that he shouldn't be an admin is clearly not appropriate.
  7. About the upcoming update...

    This update will be amazing.
  8. My 2nd staff application

    Just want to add; you say that you know that you're going to get denied, that viewpoint alone strongly discourages me from accepting you, so either change it and apply 2 weeks time or don't bother. Pessimism won't help you, you need confidence.
  9. Most stupid kid on gmod?

    He watches a kid try to raid a basw with a building sign > he reports them > when the report is answered the mod brings him to the base and he starts lockpicking the door again during the sit.
  10. tazers

    Yeah it would be cool with a restriction on who could use it.
  11. Pyro's Warn Removal Application

    DENIED. You killed someone who was in no way interfering with the raid, you cannot simply kill people that are in a general area of a base you're raiding.
  12. Promotions 6/12/17

    2uukan: Admin ➣ Senior Admin BlueBerryBilly: Moderator ➣ Admin Frazer: Trial-Moderator ➣ Moderator
  13. Release is the ip for the server.
  14. Drizzy is not a big fan of mugging however, I have proposed rules to him in the past for mugging but he has stated that he is strongly against it.
  15. So I've been getting alot of questions about what the mugging rules mean and what you are and are not allowed to do, now i've made a poll which you should totally answer so I can see what the people of the server think about the rules. The part of the rules I'm talking about is as follows; Disclaimer: voting for mugging to be allowed won't get it added.