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  1. More emoticons

  2. Wasn't my fault

  3. Banned for hacking but i wasnt

    Dm You admitted to being that person. ( not that I had any doubts in the first place.) Now I don't know if you think that we're stupid or not but you were blatently hacking, now you are not being banned today buddy. I suggest you go find another server to hack on instead of ours. Cheers.
  4. Roasting

    ok fatty
  5. Roasting

    You ' re fat topkek
  6. Roasting

    I wasn't even above you, cunt go watch superbowl uneducated american.
  7. Roasting

  8. Roasting

  9. Hyplex Original™

    @Sanity ACCEPTED. Congratulations, since I know what you're capable of i'm going to give you the rank of team leader. Trello Link: https://trello.com/b/D0wgpBBv/hyplex-originals Discord: https://discord.gg/deKndUn
  10. Hyplex Original™

    I can always make exceptions 😜
  11. Hyplex Original™

    Which requirements are a you referring to? Thank you for the support!
  12. Hyplex Original™

    Hyplex Originals™ ~Non nobis solum~ What is Hyplex Originals™? Hyplex Originals is a extraordinary gang consisting of only the finest raiders, builders and defenders, Hyplex Originas is the most exclusive gang on Hyplex, only the very best can join and only the very best can become allied with us. What is the goal of Hyplex Originals™? The goal of Hyplex Original is simply this; excellence and alliance. To achieve our goals we must be the best and become one with the best, creating alliances with fellow prestigious organisations and triumphing over all others is our goal and one that we will achieve. What are the roles in Hyplex Originals™? CEO The CEO is the person in charge of all operations, if you do something wrong you will be sent to this guy. The CEO chooses who joins and who doesn't. Vice CEO The Vice CEO's are the people in charge of all operations if the CEO isn't around, if you do something wrong you will be sent to this guy. The Vice CEO chooses who joins and who doesn't. Crew Leader The crew leader is in charge of their crew, anything goes wrong in their crew and it's up to them to make it right again. These guys also direct their crew members on where to go, what to do and how to act. Crew Member These guys are the fully trained guys, they do the heavy lifting and follow the directions of their crew leaders. Recruit These guys are newly accepted members who have to spend some time getting used to the group before becoming permanent members. How do I join Hyplex Originals™? The process of joining HO is not a run of the mill type one, it's much more than that, you must complete an application here first before getting your rank in-game. Now you may be wondering where said application is? Well it's right here you duffer; Requirements before applying: -30 hours on the server -A maximum of 3 warnings and -Be the age of 14 or above ( exceptions can be made ) Application; In Game Name: Age: Playtime: How much cash do you have?: Which server do you play on the most?: What are you good at?(Building / Raiding / Defending): How many warnings do you have?: Why do you want to join us?(25 word minimum): Why should we accept you?(25 word minimum): Trello Link: https://trello.com/b/D0wgpBBv/hyplex-originals Discord: https://discord.gg/deKndUn
  13. Reset Opinions!? VOTE NOW

    Hmm, this is not official but #voteyes
  14. Getting to know players

    I've got a dig bick I'm not a girl
  15. 3 Years :/

    Correct 😛