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  1. KeoJr Falsely warning me

    This isn't looking great.
  2. Hyplex 1.5.3

    So this leveling system is a good idea but I don't think it's executed correctly. You should be given xp based on your previous playtime so that people who have put in time don't have to wait another 30 hours to get to gun dealer. Currently It will take a long while for anyone to get to gundealer / cop which means that nobody will be able to get guns and you won't be able to rob the bank.
  3. Hyplex 1.5.3

  4. When you guess your moms pin...

    I just realised that 15k for 1 pound is way too expensive.
  5. AdvDupe2 Broken ;(

    Have you tried turning it on and off again? rip
  6. 4 People breaking rules.

    You can really only come back to the same position if a staff member has seen the situation (the nlr/rdm) and gives you permission.
  7. Jason's Staff Application

    So what you're telling me is that you should get staff with 15 hours (Less then most other staff when they applied) because you were staff on the previous versions of hyplex? Now I can agree that you're a nice fella and that you want to help and that you are more than competent enough to be a staff member and everything it's just that I don't believe that you can just rejoin the server play for a few hours then apply for staff, you have to get back into the flow of things first, get to know people and such. I mean hey, I have been staff on every version of Hyplex / Aero excluding 3.0 and was even a head mod at one stage yet I still had to wait until I became familiar with everyone + played 30 hours before applying. I'm going to +1 since you will probably make a better staff member than 75% of the current team but I just wanted to vent my opinion on this matter. Good Luck Jason.
  8. PC Upgrade oppinions

    I don't think any games require more than 16gb of ram to be honest with you.
  9. Turrets

    Completely OP. Also could be used to MRDM.
  10. EMgaming's Staff App

    -1 No effort put into making application look nice. Never seen you.
  11. Jason's Staff Application

    How much time do you have on this server? Not 3.0, just this server.
  12. More Logs for Staff

    Rules will hopefully be updated after the next staff meeting.
  13. I got banned for being demoted mulitple times

    Please use the provided format within 24 hours or this will be locked and denied.
  14. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    You can't even spell neutral yet you're critiquing his spelling. 😅 Not hating on you though Denis. Anyway +1 Very active Knows rules Is cool Nandos mint lad...