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  1. eNraged

    1.Your in-game name: Bearzy 2.Age: 13 ? 3. Playtime: 96 ( 1120 on gmod ) 4. Where are you coming from?: AU ?? 5. Tell us something about yourself: Well I Am 13 Year old Boy and Have 2 Dogs and 1 Cat ??? 6. Why do you think we should give you a chance?: Well. I Have not Played in a long time But does not Mean I'm Trash. I Would Love An org to Help me Get Back into the Game! Also Love to Build Bases and Raid And love money ?. 7. Do you promise to follow all Hyplex & eNraged rules?: Yes.
  2. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    Alright is He on Atm?
  3. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    May I Ask Why?
  4. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam Name Bearzy -In-game hours 96 hours ( 1120 hours on gmod ) -In-game rank if your Talking about lvl Then 11. If your talking about something else idk -RP name Bearzy -Why do you want to join the org? Well. I am Returning to This game so I Need an good Start. So I Wish to Join this org to Help other's And Help me. -What can you bring to our org? Well. I Can Raid I Can Money print Build Bases And a lot More! -Additional information? I Got an New PC I Have been Playing Since Early times of Hyplex.
  5. Inferno (DEAD)

    IGN: !Mr Bear SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98413377 Playtime : 94 Why we should think of accepting you: I Was In Daylight And returning to Hyplex. I will Be very Active when i Get my new PC ( 9 days ) Once i get that i will be able to play around everyday and Have fun. Also Have very little warns when i Was new What your gonna bring to Inferno: Well i am Great at raiding, Base defender, Weed, And More! Also Very Friendly Extra Info : I Am Also Getting My Mic fixed When My PC Comes in
  6. Hey! Joined the forums recently.

    Welcome i Guess
  7. Update 1.0.2

  8. About the upcoming update...

    Sounds Amazing
  9. Release

    Whats the server name can't seem to find it!
  10. Day Light

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN : ! Mr Bear Age : 13 What are your skills: Basing, Raiding, Cooking stuff, Weed, And more How active will you be?: Everyday ( Min time on per day is 2 hours ) Current Playtime : 40:44:44 Extra Info I Got discord Skype and Teamspeak Giving up on my Old org Saying wasn't that Successful Have Mic But Doesn't work in-game only on discord I Have Donated A bit and Planning to Donate more ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Day Light

    You forgot your Playtime And Every weekend Like cmon Lol