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  1. unban me

  2. Warn Appeal

    First off I would think that he deserves this warning removed, he is a good member of the community and I expect him to stay that way and from what I have seen he has. I would recommend removing this warning(s). -DJ
  3. ZyNNeR’s Ban Appeal

  4. 27_Genders - Damn

    Couldn't agree more.
  5. ZyNNeR’s Ban Appeal

    Can we get some evidence of the ban? @ZyNNeR
  6. Ban appeal for NLR

    My bad, I thought It said hours.
  7. Zoran

    Even Though the player did say that it may only have been once if you had multiple of them in one screenshot yes maybe I would ban them. DJ
  8. Ban appeal for NLR

    Unless you have any video evidence I don't think you have a high chance of being unbanned. And you were banned by a new staff member but that doesn't matter, if you left and you know you broke a rule then it counts as LTAP (Leaving to avoid punishment), NLR is when your not allowed to go into the area until the action of the RP situation is over and the area is clear, until then you have to do something else. Until Further notice, recommended action: Keep Banned -DJ
  9. oof-is-bae's staff application

    +Support -Makes Requirements -References @oof -Support -Not as mature Overall: +/- Neutral -DJ
  10. [White] Crime [Black] Scene's Staff App

    I don't have two warnings for prop climbing, I have it for NLR which was my mistake.
  11. [White] Crime [Black] Scene's Staff App

    +Support -Meets Requirements -Organized application -Support -Never seen in-game -Warning for prop surfing, not the best -Kinda rude to other forum members Overall: +/- Neutral I would maybe like to see you in-game one or twice but I mean you could still be a great asset to the staff team, I hope to see you advance more into the staff team but maybe some more time getting used to the whole idea of it. Thank you for applying. -DJ
  12. Level system

    +Support Seems like a great idea, also adds more reasoning to level up, but maybe restrict some of it to only a bit higher than the normal amount. -DJ

    Yes, currently if you leave the game during an admin sit it is a punishment resulting in a ban, which means this reasoning of banning you is perfectly fine. (Also your description of what happened isn't a lot, maybe more information?) Recommended Action: Keep Banned -DJ
  14. I know this member sorta well, and I don't think he deserved this ban. This player is very nice most of the time but he might slip up sometimes. Recommended Action: Unban -DJ
  15. Staff Application (TJ)

    +Support -Nice player -Well application -Some maturity -passes most requirements -Support -Could use some more wording (like my application) -I don't see you a lot in game, I have seen you at least once though -Not a lot of effort (Like my first application) -Needs to fix a lot of the information Overall Support: Low Support -DJ