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  1. New theme?

    +1 now change loading music
  2. Would you rather

  3. 1 word story cause why not

  4. Forum name change mega-thread

    ooof ---> NatoYo
  5. should i come back

    fun fact your name was recorded as 2_Genders on the spreadsheet, until it was then changed to 69_Genders ayylmao
  6. RDA is random arrest.

    fun fact, they call it RDA instead of RA, because RDA looks nicer next to RDM 100% true if you don't agree fuk u
  7. ooof's resignation

    No no, it wasn't that, I understood why you angry about it, it was just everything that happened that really made me feel alienated, as if at that point, my view of the Hyplex staff team was heavily alterred.
  8. ooof's resignation

    Honestly, I was really confident in my ability to be a good admin, but being a good manager is completely different. Requires certain traits and time, of which I hardly had either xd.
  9. I don't enjoy gmod any more, and honestly I don't think I was a good manager anyways. I apologise for taking the role in the first place, since it caused a lot of backlash, I almost wish I had just stayed a mod all the time xd. This isn't anything to do with the update, updates take time and I understand that, and after extensive playing on dev server, it is extremely clear that you CAN NOT release a buggy gamemode to a server of 60+ people. I hope Hyplex hits the ground running with the new update, it's gonna be amazing guys. edit:I'M COMING SPARTACUS
  10. Dillons staff app

    DENIED You're lying about your age in this app. You also don't meet the following requirements; -Minimum of 30hr playtime -Minimum of 5 forum posts -Including playtime in your post (Done by going in-game and typing !playtime [EN]Dillon You may reapply in 2 weeks when you reach the requirements
  11. What to Do When Theres 10 People On The Server

    question why you're up in the middle of the night playing darkrp edit: hey thats what I do
  12. DarkRP Event Suggestions

    We've done many battle royale events in the past, it's actually one of the easiest to set up and do.
  13. DarkRP Event Suggestions

    I don't think there's an actual way to implement something like this, since it would rely SOLELY on players being good sports, which in a DarkRP server, will not happen