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  1. Dillon

    I feel like this would be better locked. /locked
  2. Dillon

    Not sure why this was in media. /moved
  3. 1 word story cause why not

    Fuck you (Also if this goes dead I will lock it, fuck the rules)
  4. Staff report.

    I don't think people who aren't involved should comment. And considering it's mostly staff, maybe you should take a look at the staff complaints guidelines to remind yourself. /hidden useless comments
  5. ThunderS3ruck's Staff Application

    Everyone has a chance, look at me, I was community banned and now I'm here.
  6. Oui Oui's 2nd T-Mod apply (updated - new template).

    No arguments please
  7. Dillon Staff Complaint.

  8. 1 word story cause why not

  9. 1 word story cause why not

  10. 1 word story cause why not

  11. 1 word story cause why not

  12. 1 word story cause why not

  13. Staff Application by jack O' Neill

    Hey, 1) You posted this in forum admin applications instead of DarkRP staff applications. 2) You didn't use the format. 3) You wouldn't meet the requirements on the format anyway. I will lock this, please check out the format in the DarkRP staff applications subforum and post your application there. /locked
  14. Rugglez Resignation

    speed4forummanager Nah, you’ll be missed man. Hope to see you around now and again.
  15. liljedi11's trail app