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  1. SWRP Opinions?

    Would be better if I wasn’t banned
  2. wORK experince

    ah, so they aren't at all real and don't count for anything
  3. wORK experince

    So is he pulling these grades from the air then lmao
  4. wORK experince

    I looked at the 9 and thought cool but then read down and yeah
  5. My Staff Application

    He has enough hours. Why do you think that just because 30 is the minimum, you should wait until you have 50? It’s still a big amount
  6. SWRP Back?

    Lyk u
  7. SWRP Back?

  8. New Gaming CommunitY?!?! ***IMPORTANT

    This seems like it shouldn't be allowed, advertising on here. @UberZ
  9. UberZ's Signatures

    I think i've found an issue.
  10. 27_genders

    From what I’ve seen of you on the forums, you argue back a lot and don’t really know when to stop. The main job of forum admins is to stop this so I don’t think you would be good for this.
  11. Why am I such and artist

    Read this as ‘why am I such an autist’. Was dissappointed when I looked again
  12. Hi, I'm not here to cause trouble.

    This kid seems SKEtcHy to me
  13. ban request on speedbolt

    I killed you after you shot towards me?
  14. EVENT for sunday (remembrance)

    Any sort of idea to celebrate this is retarded. Listen to yourselves, if you really want to respect people, take a minutes silence in real life.
  15. EVENT for sunday (remembrance)

    Again making the server shitter