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  1. 3 Years :/

    Mineman or something if I remember correctly 😛
  2. 3 Years :/

    Also it’s not 3 years, it’s 2 and a bit 😛
  3. 3 Years :/

    Aero > hyplex :3 I think I joined that in like July 2015 wew
  4. 3 Years :/

    Shit. Aero was that long ago? They were the good days
  5. Im Idiotic

    Sounds like you were a bit of a dick
  6. Discord Unban

    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): Discord Your IG name / Steam name: speedbolt#1940 Your STEAM-ID: N/A Who banned you and why: @Trixter probably Why should you be unbanned: This was about a month or 2 ago. I was banned for generally being a dick. The ban was fair but I would like an unban now. I wont go into some bs about how I've changed but I will stop being such a dick.
  7. Guess who I am?

  8. SWRP Opinions?

    Would be better if I wasn’t banned
  9. wORK experince

    ah, so they aren't at all real and don't count for anything
  10. wORK experince

    So is he pulling these grades from the air then lmao
  11. wORK experince

    I looked at the 9 and thought cool but then read down and yeah
  12. My Staff Application

    He has enough hours. Why do you think that just because 30 is the minimum, you should wait until you have 50? It’s still a big amount
  13. SWRP Back?

    Lyk u
  14. SWRP Back?

  15. UberZ's Signatures

    I think i've found an issue.