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  1. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam Name Sanity -In-game hours 288:17:08 -In-game rank User -RP name Sanity -Why do you want to join the org I want to join this org because a lot of great rpers are in it as well as trust worthy people. -What can you bring to our org Decent aim, lots of mooney, a good raider, a good base builder, and a trust worthy org member -Additional information? Aqua is getting lonely with all the inactive members and you looking hawt pls let me in thx.
  2. Aqua

    This org is dead.... Requesting a Lock @Chaos @Dhelep @Infusion
  3. Sorry....bye

    If you donated money to the server you love and played on it for 2 years, why did you use exploits to give yourself an unfair advantage against other players? Also the ban will be permanent, not 2 years. Star cant ban perma so he will prob be giving your steam id to a higher up that can. I hope you learned your lesson and won't repeat this on a server you spent so much time on. Bye.
  4. YoloDoggy's STAFF Application

    Neutral +/- Leaning towards a low +support We had some bad experience with each other Have been toxic at some points (fook off little t thx) May need to work on his attitude against other players and staff members (It's nothing too much) Great Staff App Very detailed Spent a lot of time on his staff app Has my boi @TJ123 as a reference I don't like you but i don't want to base my Opinion on whether you should be staff or not by our past experience. Good luck! ~Sanity
  5. Bye hyplex.

    "3 years" H4x0rs get permed, you wont be back. Bye haxor
  6. eNraged

    Thats a cool ass thread.
  7. I'm Back (Once Again)

    Welcome Back!
  8. My staff application

    Neutral Leaning to a -Support Very low playtime A lot of warns for his playtime Never seen In Game Didn't give examples Does not meet requirements (You need 2 references so i recommend you try to get them asap) A lot of effort into app Very detailed Seems Mature Good luck! ~Sanity
  9. Staff Application

    -support Reason above Good luck ~Sanity
  10. Warn rule

    From what i heard, if someones warns you to leave, you can kill them. Example : Player 1 warns player 2 to leave : "Warn 1/2/3". Player 2 then shoots player 1 for threatening to kill him. Please don't take my word, this is what i was told.
  11. Banned for a reason not banable

    Please use the format and post it in the right section. @Chaos @Infusion @willamduffy
  12. Sanity ~ Sunny sideleft

    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): Darkrp Name of user: Sunny side left / STEAM_0:0:19025303 Steam-ID : STEAM_0:0:43226265 What rule did this person break? : DDos threat / ip grab threat Short information about the incident : So i raided this guys base and he reported me. He said that it wasn't a raid and stuff like that. After the sit ends he starts talking shit about TJ (The one who took the sit) and how bad of a staff member he is. I say take it to the forums and stuff and he says "Fuck forums i got your IP". I asked TJ if he could ban him for DDos / ip grab threat and he said he didn't know if that was one, so he asked in discord. 20 Mins later, i raid his base again, and he makes another sit of rdm. TJ takes the sit again after not getting what he wants, at the end sit i said im going to get him banned for threating to ddos me when he says "Dude its an IP grab, not a fucking threat" "Your just a little kiddy shit head who likes to bend rules". TJ then says "It wasn't rdm it was a raid", then he says he got TJs ip too. Evidence of rule break (Required) : @TJ123
  13. Gummie staff Form

    Neutral +/- Leaning towards +Support Positives: 0 Warns Okay Playtime Good Word Count Mature IG Nice guy Neutrals: App could be better RDA isn't correct Could work on spelling and grammar Good luck! ~Sanity
  14. Aqua

    @BFcommando DENIED! Failed to reach the requirements! im jk ily Accepted! Donated you 500k and lost alot of money xd. Im going to make an exception because I've played with you so many times and i know that with only 27 hours, you are very good at raiding. Contact me IG for an invite
  15. Staff compliment reidyy

    Great job @Reidyyy {Toby ! I agree with this 100%. You're always a good person to talk to and are always taking sits.