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  1. DarkRP Staff Application Request.

    -support You have not even hit the minimum word count on this which is 75 you have not hit the word count on either so if you want a chance of becoming staff you need to at least hit the word requirements Reidyy
  2. Hi

    heyo and welcome
  3. Reidyy bad news

    thanks guys see you again soon <3
  4. Reidyy bad news

  5. Reidyy bad news

    if you want to talk sometime pm me
  6. Guess whos backkkk.

  7. Reidyy bad news

    thanks man we can talk some time and get to know one another
  8. Reidyy bad news

  9. Reidyy bad news

    fyi the reason im not liking your comments is cause i have ran out of emotes for today
  10. Reidyy bad news

    thanks bro cya soon
  11. Reidyy bad news

    thank you and you have fun
  12. Reidyy bad news

    i will dont worry @Dylan wite
  13. Reidyy bad news

    thanks bro hope to see toy soon
  14. Reidyy bad news

    thanks barry i will be back
  15. Reidyy bad news

    i will come back eventually