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  1. [White] Crime [Black] Scene's Staff App

    agree with aboth Neutral
  2. Valentino

    ACCEPTED Contact Me , Frazer or EMgaming for an invite
  3. Staff compliment reidyy

    Thank you @Rhyss i was tought by the best @Freezy and helped along the way by @Infusion and you @Rhyss
  4. LittleT's Forum admin application

    right now i dont think you should be forum admin at the point in time as you do get into a lot of arguments and forum admins have to be mature
  5. Staff Complaint - Reidyy

    i believe i was a bit harsh on you @BeeCow so that is why i am requesting this warn be removed @Rhyss @Dylan @UberZ
  6. Ban Appeal (2 weeks)

    well if you do break rules you have to suffer the consequences
  7. Staff Application

    this does not add up so you have lied in a staff application
  8. Staff Complaint - Reidyy

    i am not lieing at all i was stood under the sign and you stared above me for around 3 or seconds so that makes me believe you seen the sign I am not going to argue with you I did listen to you saying"i didnt see the sign" it was clear to see and you would of had to llok at the ground to also not be able to see that
  9. Staff Complaint - Reidyy

    so what happend i was speaking with this gundealer before hand then beecow looks straight at the sign then i fly away i then recieve a report from the gundealer and then beecow tells me how he built there first. then i decide to warn him for lieing to me Upto management what you would like to happen Reidyy <3 @Rhyss @Dylan @Freezy @Jason @UberZ @willamduffy
  10. Staff compliment reidyy

    thanks man
  11. EMGaming

    its because you expect a compliment back from EM compliments are for when you are doimng a good job not just to trade them to one another thats why i rated it dumb
  12. Staff compliment reidyy

    Thanks BB i appreciate it
  13. Gummie staff Form

    neutral for reasons stated above Good Luck
  14. Valentino

    accepted Welcome to the org contact a manager or plus
  15. Staff Complaint - Castino

    @Castino messaging him saying that will not help your case out what so ever but hopefully because you have been working hard hopefully you will only get a strike at the most put you should never of pm him saying that Good Luck Reidyy <3