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  1. Bye hyplex.

    I got perma banned for hacking.Im sorry. I wont be back in 3 years.Startback if you read this you were the best, but it didnt felt real when you told me you wont ban me, i would tell you to fuck off, but i wouldnt.Im going off , bye bye hyplex. Love you all and dont hack cause the minor error and you will get banned. FOLLOW DE WEI AND NEVER HACK OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE ME So i would tell a thanks to the staff for being there, thanks to frazer and startback that they still accepted me since in the past i was salty, thanks to Valentino and to everyone on the server.Bye
  2. Ban Appeal-The56destroyer

    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP):the56destroyer Lol/ Your IG name / Steam name: the56destroyer Lol/ Your STEAM-ID STEAM_0:0:117278051 Who banned you and why ( A screenshot of the ' Ban ' screen when you try to connect to the server ) Why should you be unbanned ? 8000 minutes for mass rdm , yesterday it said 1 day , im a very frequent player , i support the server althought i dont have money to donate. It's not right. Think about it. LIFE CAN SOMETIMES BE BAD,NEVER LET GO (NEW MOTO)
  3. [CLOSED]Valentino

    Application Template Steam Name: the56destroyer LoL/ [Name] John Playtime: 93:06 [!playtime (name)] Balance:778k [Your money
  4. Super compact base.

    What price are you look at my boy? I'd be interested in buying it
  5. Day Light

    ----------------------- IGN:the56destroyer Age:13 What are your skills:Building,Defending,Raiding How active will you be?: Every weekend